The Fire Sermon: Requirements?

I’m at a point in a particular Ambition where I need to have several dreams up to level 5 (or get a certain key, but I’m a ways from being able to do that.) I’ve gotten 1 of those other dreams up to level 5, and the other 2 are at level 4, but I still haven’t gotten a single point of The Fire Sermon.

I always play the fire-icon cards, particularly since I have a lovely guest suite in The Brass Embassy, so I haven’t been discarding them.

Am I just extremely unlucky, or is there some requirement for the dream that I’m missing?

I would like to second Arktor’s question. My fire sermon is my lowest dream quality and would like to know how to get more of it.

The Fire-Sermon does seem to be a very difficult dream quality to raise. However, as to Arktor314’s reason for raising the dream quality, just wait until you have a ship and get the key. ALL dream qualities are hard to raise, and you’ll need to go to zee soon after you trade that key you mentioned anyways.


Fire sermon is pretty much all I’ve gotten recently, so I think it’s luck.

You technically don’t need a ship to get to the place you get sent at zee though. But the tentacle key is still probably a better bet.

If you’ve opened the Nadir, there’s a card & option that lets you increase all your dream qualities by 1cp.
Just lie for a while, dream.

I’ve also found that since I’ve maxed out Someone is Coming, Death by Water, and The Burial of the Dead that I draw those dream cards less, and The Fire Sermon, What the Thunder Said more often.

It’s possible there’s just less cards at the highest levels?

I’ve noticed that the dream cards tend to operate on a kind of “Curve,” where some levels of the quality have several cards that it can access, while the very high and very low values have almost none.

The Fire Sermon wasn’t as hard to get for me as “Is Someone there?” or “A Game of Chess.” Which I found annoying, since its high levels of those dreams which unlock new options early in the others.