The Final Stretch

Hello Delicious Friends,
I once again call upon your collective wisdom so that I may tread where those greater than myself had tread before.

I have made it to the Persuasive skill of 177 and I seek a situation where I might efficiently complete my goal to the Skill of 200.
I am aware that Port Carnelian might be the answer of the masses, But I seek a less, dull… Or simply more efficient way to spend my time and efforts in order to reach my goal.

With patience and confidence in my peers
I await your knowledge,

Xilann Xi
edited by Xilann Xi on 10/30/2015

The fastest way is to use social actions to gain confident smiles, then cash in the smiles five at a time to increase persuasive. It’s not very profitable, though.

You can also just go to Mahogany Hall or the like and try to hit 89% or 90% success rates by manipulating your gear, then grind that. Supplement it by getting as many confident smiles as you can from opp cards (there are a few that give those - if your Aunt is gone, for instance, you can tell her to stay away for a free one) and cashing those in, and the grind shouldn’t be too bad.