The Farmlands of Fallen London

I’ve just ordered Ben Aaronovich’s latest Rivers of London book, Foxglove Summer (wonderful series btw, a mix of police procedural, modern magics and London history). That book, specifically, deals with the protagonist leaving the city and heading west to a nearby village. Which got me thinking: all these mushroom wines have to come from somewhere, right? there has to be at least one winery with fungal &quotorchards&quot somewhere in the environs of Fallen London. Similarly, there have to be some places where Neathy game is hunted and some type of foodstuffs are grown to support the living population. I know that there are places beyond the zee that have been teased in FL for quite a while and are still unavailable, but I wonder if it’ll be possible to consider adding a Fifth City &quotcountry&quot option as an explorable area in the future.

Greyfields are specifically mentioned as having vineyards (shroomyards?) south of the city. Between Bugsby’s Marshes in the south-east and Winewound Heath in the south-west, there’s room for at least a little agriculture - not to mention hunting and bee-keeping. More fungal produce is shipped in from Demeaux Island, too. Still, I’m guessing Fallen London is a net importer of food - we just don’t have enough on our plates!

Fallen London has no farmland as we know, to the south is the fungal marshes where carnivorous plants and giant lizards are among the least of your troubles out there. Situated to the South and West of the city, Winewound Heath is a mushroom forest perpetually covered in fog thick enough to knit with. Somewhere close to that is the chytrid woods where sorrow spiders infest the trees and almost house-sized slugs can be found roaming about. To the north is the Pricklefinger Wastes, a realm of sharp and brittle stalagmites were the slightest misstep can result in a bloody gash and a need for a good doctor.

Further west than all of that and I just assumed you would hit a wall or come across more wastelands. I agree with Sir Frederick that any agriculture near the city would be quite minimal if they existed at all.

edited by Owen Wulf on 1/6/2015