The Fallen Cities and the Khanate

  1. London is the fifth Fallen City, with four more before it.

  2. The Khanate has been in the Neath longer than London, BUT

  3. The Khanate isn’t one of the previous Fallen Cities.

So, did the Khanate voluntarily colonize the Neath, rather than being stolen by the Bazaar? Was is involuntary, but by a different method? Or were they just not a city, so they don’t count as a Fallen City?

(If I’m mixing up information from the Sunless Sea game with Fallen London, I apologize)
edited by Matthew Cline on 8/10/2015

The Genial Magician storyline in Sunless Sea will tell you more as well. Or, if you want it spoiled:

The Khaganians who remained in the City were involved with the Fingerkings behind the mirrors.

Thanks. If there’s spoilers I’ll wait for the game to explain it to me.

I think it’s not spoilery saying that one of the three assumptions is not entirely correct :)

I disagree that it’s true, however. All three of the assumptions, as written, are entirely correct.

The Khanate are from the Fourth City, but the location is not itself the Fourth City.

I fear it is misleading to point out that the assumptions are all correct, but it is also misleading to say they aren’t. The resolution to this dilemma lies in an unstated assumption which is incorrect, and which is probably only apparent once you know the answer.

That’s not the incorrect one.