The Enthusiastic Urchin

Wonderful card idea -

However, is it normal for the card to disappear if you want to check the anonymity option, before saying ‘yes I’ll answer some questions’? And if so, does it not come back around for another week.

I didn’t want to dismiss it - I was more than happy to answer the questions, but I just wanted to be sure. But after picking that option, I found that it had disappeared, and not returned since.

[color=#009900]Yup - I wanted to make it an opportunity card so it would gradually trickle through the player base, and this is a side-effect of doing that. I’ll add a note to that effect. And don’t worry, it’ll turn up again.[/color]

I love FB’s use of the Enthusiastic Urchin as a way of polling the FL user base; I hope to see him at my door again sometime!

It is a lovely mechanism. Was mildly amused at the urchin being labelled a Modest Proposal. My tiger certainly thinks so.

Hmm, it asked my age and my gender and that was it. I don’t think that Urchin is particularly interested in knowing anything more about a person of my age and gender. Which is just as it should be. The Urchin would be well advised not to get overly curious about my consumption of tangerines, or my taste in art. Urchins simply don’t understand these things.

[P.S. This nudged loose a memory: Google Analytics used to be Urchin Stats, well then of course data would be collected by urchins … ]
edited by Genny on 2/20/2013
edited by Genny on 2/20/2013