The election is a curious thing

I’m glad I picked what I thought was right before looking at the forum.

I’d have ended up somewhere else, with goals divergent from my normal behavior to get some of those rewards.

IMO, role-play is far more important than min-maxing, so I think you made the right move.

– Mal

My campaign choices were well-suited to my characters, actually. The Bishop is focusing his efforts on Society, Constables, and Church–and with the exception of Society (which fluctuates because of Making Waves), those are the factions my main character has the highest Connected values in. My alt has gone for Sinning Jenny, and her highest Connections are with the Bohemians.

Ditto. I chose what I felt was right for my characters, and while those boots are pretty snazzy I figure there’s always next year for Sara to pick them up. No biggie.

I got a little desperate in both my Search for the Name and in the fact that (although Arensen is far more a Fixer type than a campaigner) I wanted to have a slightly easier route through the election this year, so I picked Campaigner with Boots, although really he’d be more Fixer with Poison Tipped Pen. Guess it was a mistake to look at the forum for once.

I still went with Sinning Jenny though–how could someone like Arensen resist supporting the self-proclaimed ‘mistress’ of London.

As minmax is good, and my character is more important to me then the results…

yha, I just changed, bought the boots, then changed back to fixer.

[quote=Ben ]As minmax is good, and my character is more important to me then the results…

yha, I just changed, bought the boots, then changed back to fixer.[/quote]

(Good tip though!)
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They just added it today. It seems painful, but it’s certainly better than not getting the best shoes until next year.

Part of me honestly hopes that the additional features that are unlocking over time are also slowly unlocked over time next election too.
Course, part of that is because I want to think the staff knew this stuff would be needed and had it ready and waiting, rather then…

… though, it’s not a bad thing to have staff that listens and fixes.

Or you can do it my way: grind up to 20, change profession twice to get the boots, change it again because misclick, then grind back to 20 once more. :D

And here am I, two points away from watchful 200 (modified), 65 case notes, and a nice cushion of money made by selling compelling rethoric for collated research, so I’ll have enough to finally open my school/orphanage (and start grinding money again for ray-drenched cinder sigh). This is a great time for detective characters!

“How many votes are you contributing to your candidate in that election, Professor?”

“…Which election?”

It is okay to be politically apathetic Professor

Not politically apathetic, just easily distracted by intellectual work. Not trusting any of the candidates helps, too. (Besides, I just can’t be bothered to do flash lays and write short stories for public attention. I suppose I’ll do some at some point.)

After not-quite a week, I’m glad to have stuck with my decision. Admittedly, I’ve had a lot of free time this past week which has helped my in-game progress significantly, but I liked the idea of being a Fixer (as opposed to Campaigner or Agitator).
And while I could have changed professions and used Fate to buy +2 Watchful, I’m actually pretty happy with having An Enfranchised Anchoress at my side. ^_^

Despite my initial disappointment at what seemed to have been the worst possible choice, I like that FBG made Public Attention useful for Fixers, and am now glad to have chosen (and stayed as) Fixer after all. :-)
(Though hopefully next time around my election progress won’t be quite so reliant upon drawing multiple different Opportunity Cards.)

I’m not too pleased with my reward, perhaps those who where helping the one who won got better.

On the other hand there was reward in turning the extra meterals into making waves. I actually will be reaching 11 notability this week, instead of just maintaning 10.

I’m not entirely sure that next year I won’t just squander the materials on myself instead of ranking up.

Everyone got the same reward scaled to their Election Career level.

As you say there were ways of making money/getting other rewards during the election itself.

We will also be seeing a new card sometime.