The Downtrodden of the Neath; who to champion?

Ever since I wrote my character’s background at , I’ve been thinking of changing sides to suit my character’s role playing needs.

I’m thinking that my character allied with the Church when he first got out of prison to amend his sins. However, his dealings with some members of the Game and shady men of the cloth have him thinking of directly helping other factions.

Anyways, fellow Londoners what downtrodden factions need a Steadfast and Magnanimous (yet sometimes Heartless) to champion them? Obviously Hell, Society, and the Church is out of the question since they hold decent powers within the Neath.

Thanks in advance :D
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The urchin-gangs and orphan-tribes of the city could use an ally, though the proudest will declare they have no need of them, least of all among adults. You must humble yourself to them a little, and heed their wild words.

The Rubbery Men, too, deserve our understanding – though they meet with little enough of it. [li]

Well, talking of downtrodden, hard to find a faction more so than the Rubbery Men. On the other hand, Connected: Rubbery Men is not a very useful connection… And, more importantly, I don’t think currently there’s any way to change Closest to… to them.

Next that comes to mind: Urchins - they are cunning, resourceful, and, after recent Christmas content, probably filthy rich, with all those Night-Whispers and Storm-Threnodies, but they still are children and teenagers and they’re in mostly constant strife, with factions warring with one another (the Naughts and Crosses being the most explicit enemies). You can become Closest to them selling them the secret of the Cave of Nadir, but be warned that they give the less valuable reward for that compared to the other factions you can sell the secret to.

The Docks: They’re hardened veterans of the zee and usually associated with the Dangerous quality, but they face many working class problems, including employment issues, salary issues, and diktats from the Bazaaar (enforced by the Neddy Men). They’re probably the way to go if you like the idea to become a working class hero. You can become Closer to them paying 4 (or is it 5? Can’t remember) Puzzling Maps, the option is on the Docks connection card.

A last thing to consider: if you haven’t got you a Consonant Violin yet, there are two faction that make it easier to get Marks of Credit: Bohemians and the Great Game have fixed storylets for both high and low Counting the Days values, while other factions have to rely on Opportunity cards for a part of the grind.
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