The Downside of Timed Events

Regarding story mechanics, I much preferred the method used in the Christmas event to the method used for Valentine’s Day. With the Christmas event, if you at least began it within the time window, then the whole series of events would eventually play out for you even if, for instance, you missed the ultimate day of the event. On the other hand, I unfortunately missed out on some evidently highly interesting content because I had the misfortune of vacationing somewhere without internet access. While timed events are fun due to relative scarcity, I am not sure what purpose is served by locking customers out of new content because they lose internet access for a day or two.

A day or two? The Valentine content was up for two weeks! Unless you mean the last “Sunlight” part, that just lasted about an hour. I was grumpy about that too.

I suppose the difference is that the Christmas event was a long-running storyline that you invested in relatively early on, while the Sunlight moment was a spontaneous event, separate from the rest of the Feast and requiring no initial investment.

This has already been discussed to death in the Sunlight thread, so I am not sure we need a new thread… Basically everybody and his dog was “grumpy” at missing that.

> what purpose is served

[color=#009900]See my posts here (anything in the Sunlight? thread)[/color]

Oh wow, that link is usefull.

[color=#009900]Thanks, Fhoenix! Do you mean you personally enjoyed it, or that you can see it would be useful to someone who wondered why I wrote the Sunlight content and had overlooked my replies on that thread? Either way, feel free to share it with your friends. :)[/color]

I mean now I see that there was a new message from you about the Mirrorcatch boxes, which I missed :) And it’s usefull to keep track of the Word of God in general.