The Dillum Club is back

I know there was a discussion about joining the Dillum club a while back, but I just got the next step in the story, where you are brought into a meeting a shown… something. I found the rewards incredible, even for the level (6 Component items and 3 Tier 5/Capstone items) as well as an incredibly tasty story teaser. Anyone else had the fun of getting to this part of the story yet? (Bottom currently says its the content wall).

I have

I have, and it seems like it’s going to be FANTASTIC. And I’m very happy with my choice of patron, having guessed the motives of the other two by reading the little faded out intro text for their choices. I entirely intend to treat the findings gently, [color=#ffffff]Amused Lordship.You have restored my faith in the people of the Neath[/color]. I’m so excited about this. This is exactly the type of thing my character is driven to do.

I’m also excited, but disappointed in myself - it would have been more in-character to go with His Amused Lordship, but I didn’t have the requirements, so I went with the Detective. Hopefully I can change over at some point without anything horrible happening.

An associate of mine got to the Club first, and chose the Detective as his patron. After that, I decided that I will find the place myself and will have no other patron than His Amused Lordship. I can be oh so needlessly stubborn at times.

What can I say? Hunter’s Keep is a charming place, and one of its inhabitants knows quite a few things about the Gates of the Garden.

So do somnolent hyenas, but I much prefer the company of sisters to the company of these honey-slobbering monstrocities.

Alas, at the time His Lordship was unavailable to me and so I went with a certain religious gentleman. I was not entirely happy with this, but was also impatient, so I accepted his offer of sponsorship. I did learn some disquieting things from him - more confirmation than new information, in truth - and will happily seize the chance to abandon him in favour of another at the first opportunity.

I too would have liked to go with His Amused Lordship, if for no other reason than it seems like the “proper” path to go on, what with his involvement in the Associating with Radical Academics story, but level 15? Yikes. I went with the Detective, which will hopefully result in an interesting story nonetheless.

As a matter of fact, the involvement of Implacable Detective was a bit of a shock to me. She is the last person in London I would suspect of being a Seeker of the Garden.

Really? We’ve seen her at earlier meetings, most specifically when we arranged the Scientific Expedition.

Er. Well. I still enjoy giving lectures at the University, and have never had my scientific reputation tarnished or sullied by any events that might have occured behind its closed doors. None of my scientific expeditions have been arranged by a sponsor, and I don’t think I ever attended meetings of any kind.

(I avoided the scandal at the University and didn’t have an option to explore the islands until Polythreme content arrived. The Grunting Fen does not have any prequisites, but visiting it allows you advance the story as if you had been working to improve your academic reputation and unlocks islands in the Southern Archipelago as well).

That’s a rather interesting loophole. I wonder if you’re missing anything significant/important that way.

You miss the not insignificant costs and requirements to get into the story the usual way. If the Grunting Fen still doesn’t have that requirement, I’d bug it.