The Department of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ [SPOILERS]

Now, I’ve recently completed the Investigations plotline in the Department, and I was wondering what decision others made and why.

Personally, I decided not to accuse the Provost, mainly because I feel that allowing an entire branch of research that may lead to numerous important discoveries to survive is more important than the reputation of one person. Plus, I like to think of myself as a pragmatic sort, and it was definitely in my best interest to accuse somebody else.

On another note, if you decide to accuse the Provost, is there more for you to do in regards to the Watchful stat? There isn’t particularly much to do at this moment at the university until I grind my Watchful high enough to go on an expedition across the zea.

Accused the Provost, since the only other option was accusing an innocent. My character may be pragmatic, but even evil has standards. Besides the Provost is a prick.

True enough I suppose. May I ask what happened after you accused him?

You can check it yourself here
Mechanically speaking, you lose access to the University for a while and need to collect a lot of research at zea to be admitted back. Nothing new happens when you do get back.

Accuse the provost. To hell with forming a department, this is JUSTICE! …besides, I can do all the research on my own, not like my colleagues were ever any help.

You gain a special distinction of being no longer welcome at the University. It’s thoroughly unprofitable, like most just actions. Anyway, Moriarty accused the Provost, namely because even though he’s a murderer and a pragmatist, he’s also not a fan of rolling over for the Masters. Besides, screw that guy. Moriarty will put up with bad people, but not hypocrites. Besides, you can earn your way back into the University, even if it still costs you your hopes of starting a department (so far, anyway) and some clout with the Masters. In any case, basically the Zee Expedition (110ish, I think) is the next leg of the watchful arc, after which seems to be the Jack Case (130 Watchful, 130 Dangerous), which intersects with the Dangerous track. And then you’ll hit the content cap (though not the stat cap, since they raised it to 150…)
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Another good point Urthdigger, the department rarely was helpful for much.

Aw, I’m starting to reach the content cap this quickly? That’s such a shame, but I suppose that’s what alternate characters are for.

Completing the University Investigation storyline also gives you access to an opportunity card-based storyline (“Solving Cases Around London”, IIRC), that is the lead-in to Flute Street.

If you have any interest in matters Rubbery, and the Fate/Nex to spare, Flute Street is highly recommended.

While this advice isn’t particularly timely for you, if you’re not planning on doing Flute Street, there’s no reason to finish the University Investigation–it’s one of the most lucrative areas in the game (grind Investigating in the University, then turn in Investigating in the Flit) and the ‘Solving Cases’ storyline will just finish in a frequently-appearing opportunity card whose only purpose is to advertise Flute Street.

Presumably, the Zee Expedition storyline will someday be the precursor to something with the Dilmun Club, but on its own, I didn’t find it interesting or lucrative enough to close off the University Investigation.

(Not that I took my own advice, of course. I accused the Provost and damned the consequences.)

Back on topic, if you’re looking for something to do between being kicked out of University and going on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery, might I suggest Hunter’s Keep? One of my favorite places, and, as I recall, the toughest options there are Watchful DL 125 and Persuasive DL ~120, though I can’t promise nothing has changed since last I checked.

Hunter’s Keep? I’m afraid I have yet to encounter that area, the zea voyage requires Watchful of 120, and I’m at about 112. May I ask how you find it? Also, I now regret finishing the investigation, now that I know the grinding potential.

The Hunter’s Keep is an area in the zea. Don’t remember what I did at 110. I think I just did stuff for other qualities, since Watchful is a pain to increase (because of nightmares). And in several weeks my Watchful was at the cap due to that bonus you can get from a certain message once in a while.

Wait, you can do research expeditions even if you don’t accuse the provost? I was under the impression that that only became an option if you got kicked out of the university.

Yeah, you can set out on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery regardless of what decision you make. Same with Solving Cases around London. Nothing is locked off to you as a result of your decision, or at least not yet.

Oh damn I feel silly now. Oh well at least it created some real tension in the decision (wasn’t sure whether losing access to the university was worth it) which makes sense in character too.

I just reached this decision point; made all the more piquant by the fact that I am, on the Surface, a pre-tenure assistant professor :). I’m guessing that I’ll end up opting for the truth, but it’ll be a real blow to lose - if I understand correctly - my University position :(.

You can earn it back, but regardless of your decision there won’t be much to do there once you’re done. Not yet, at least.

How do you actually go on the zee expedition? I started the story arc, went to my lodgings, built up some pages and then took the field research option, so that I have the zee story quality up to 3. Now I can’t find anyway to actually go and do research in the field.

Set zail in Wolfstack Docks, if you have a ship.

sigh thanks, gonna be a long grind to get my zubmarine.

I recommend getting a steamer first; and when you can afford it (i.e. when you’re stat-capped), you could get rid of the steamer and get the Zub.
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I’d already started on the zub before I event went through the university storyline. I’m in the 120’s and 130’s right now anyway.