The Department of Menace Eradication

Really low level storylets give it (e.g. some of the Alleys of Spite stuff) or you can buy about 5-6 levels of it with 10 Incendiary Gossip at your lodgings through the Local Gossip. You need it to progress through the Cheery Man and Last Constable story, or the Blind Pianist and the Sallow Spirifer
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actually, that’s a good point. I’ve never been a ratcatcher, but if you ARE a ratcatcher already, does the payment include rats? If it does, it could just be a way to make your payment just a bit better

it includes 1250 rats yes
incidentally that’s where i got the inspiration for the whole “send lots of rats” thing in the first place

Alright, so with those numbers, you would need about three weeks worth of payment to gain significant profit from converting to rostygold, but it’s totally worth it if you’re gonna be a ratcatcher anyway.

Yeah, shoulda mentioned that earlier. It was basically me musing over &quotwhen I was a Ratcatcher, I got a nice haul of 1250 rats per week…so what if I were to cash that in every year or something for a massive haul of rostygold?&quot Those actions would turn out to be, as I understand the numbers to be, +330 PPA. The downside being, it’s not a regularly reliable source. And that requires waiting a good long while for it to massively pay off. If I were more motivated, I’d put together a spreadsheet…[li]

Ah, new options. Now you can kill moths for a chandler and get paid in Beeswax. It pays out 69 Beeswax with a Dangerous of 98.

Careful with those moths. There’s every danger in the world that a Snuffer will hunt you down for some reason. I think.

I was kind of hoping for something ominous, but it hasn’t given me any interesting qualities. Maybe there’s a rare success, you know, something like ‘Congratulations, you are now an Annoyance to the Thief-of-Faces! All your candles (and half your nose) are gone!.’

Alright, just did the moths and… interesting.

114 Beeswax and points in “Getting to know Cobblestone Rogues and Back-Alley Saints”

Very nice, that particular storylet had been denied to me because I was so high leveled.

I think that the chandler is just a really old storylet changed to be in the Department and to use scaling rewards. Kinda doubtful it’ll have any shiny new story qualities like that.
The rat of exceptional size and cunning is still the same ol’ rat too, except i can’t find any way to actually kill the dratted thing now that i have running battle 5.
the ratshoot option is (obviously) an all new 19th century rat shooting simulation instead of rescaled old content though

also pickpocketing does actually take 2 options to start the promenade fwiw :v
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Do you get booted from the promenade when you, say, change tab for a moment to check the price of something at the Bazaar? That happened to me with the rat-catching. Presumably it also happens when you close the window, so you have to pay two actions for each session of real-time.

Yeah, I can’t find the exceptional rat thing either, and I have 7 running battle

So do we not have the rat thing? Is it not a thing? Are we looking for a rare success while working on our running battle? Is it just not implemented presently? It’s a mystery! Quick! Everyone investigate at once!

I think the resolution part must not appear if your dangerous is too high, and mine is 203 right now, so yeah, probably too high

This is also now a really cheesy way for low-level characters to prepare for Black Ribbon duels… ‘Feducci, you are no match for me and my carefully laid rat-venom’, etc…

Resolution now appears! And it’s interesting!

well the promenade is an area of its own, while ratcatching isn’t, so the action investment on ratcatching is a lot more easily lost
i don’t think the running battle stuff in watchmaker’s hill is any better than the wolfstack options, but its amusing to think you could wreck feducci with poisoned meat
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A success on the watchful check for rat-hunting is as good as the second-best success on the Black Ribbon storylet. And I’m guessing failure carries no menaces. And failing the best Black Ribbon option is menacing, progress-reducing and also takes your Rostygold. So yeah, strychnine-laced steaks are probably the duelling weapon of choice until your Dangerous is 100 or so.[li]

Edit: on reflection, this makes perfect sense if the duellists are Unaccountably Peckish.
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Not sure on the value of the running battle thingy, but I liked it. It was a fun story.

earlygame content like this that’s available to people of all levels isn’t going to be massively profitable but it can still be pretty interesting regardless

i do hope something better than the box comes up soon though because dang im sick of grinding box intrigues over and over but it’s the fastest route to Cash Money so