The Demise of the Desperate

Finally, someone else admits to the absurdity of the normality of an Agent’s in the Great Game.

Oooo, great stuff. Very evocative.

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I had fun writing it. There’s a small reference to you during Sketch’s swordfight with Fimsley that I decided to make after seeing your comics and noticing the amount of professors in London.
edited by Professor Sketch on 6/5/2016[/quote]

I have read it. You think that London has too many professors? Ha! Before the University grudgingly accepting me back, the official channeles would treat me as &quotDoctor&quot (because, you know, two doctorates). There are so many doctors in Fallen London (most of them without any medicine practice or post-graduate education) that my calling card at the time would read &quotStrix van Allen, PhD, D Litt, but NOT MD&quot.

Now, just to be comically nitpicking, of course London has lots of professors. It has two colleges and God know how many schools. There are hundreds of professors around. I do not know why politicians hate educators so much, we are easily one of the most popular professions of most countries. WE COULD TAKE THE WORLD. And yet, we settle for giving rude students a 0. Talk about people being ungrateful.