The dashing smuggler

I wonder, I have an invitation from him. I wonder whether to accept it (completely OOC, since she doesn’t like men that way), turn him to the constables (even more so, since Maria is a thief and has a honour. You never betray a colleague.) or to refuse.[li]

It is possible to spend time with him non-romantically. You might find him a little over-familiar, but you can spend the story being nothing more than friends.

I had a similar concern as well, because uh, assex and mostly arromantic Professor and all, but curiosity got the best off me. You can dump him if he becomes too intimate. At some point, he angered the good Professor enough to warrant a good dumping, and I don’t regret it. It was fun.

Don’t listen to them. Sure, there are technically options to keep him at bay, but after a few roses you’ll be doodling wedding plans. I can already tell his aura is pulling you in, as you’ve dropped the “Once” from his name.

Am I the only one who wants to marry him? ;_;