The Current Progress of the Ambitions

Were there any decisions you made at a previous point in the story that weren’t tracked by their own unique qualities?

Five or so… But I checked the wiki, they didn’t change the quality number depending on your decision.

It might make things easier for the developers to track multiple Ambitions. I.e. no matter what ambition you have, they know you’ve finished the second major chunk of content when you reach Ambition 60.

That’s just a guess, and if it’s true it’s a relatively recent decision. Looking upthread it seems Nemesis values were lagging behind some of the others, which could be why the latest Nemesis update jumped forward in large numerical leaps.

[color=#009900]Yes! as a rule, we now generally leave 5 or 10 step increments on story qualities that we increase, just as a convention to make things easier if we realise halfway through writing that we need intermediate steps.[/color]

I’m having flashbacks to BASIC programming.

Speaking of thread necromancy, does anyone know whether the new owners of Fail Better have stated that the Ambitions are still a thing that’s being made? It seems to have been years since there was last content, and then Alexis left. Thanks.

The most recent update was last year, at the end of September. Light Fingers was brought to parity with the other Ambitions, and now all are one update from completion.

I’d like to know as well. Is there any plan to finish the Ambitions ? And if so, when ?

There is no current set date for the final updates, according to FBG’s last announcement on the matter.