The Current Progress of the Ambitions

Could someone tell us, the (relatively) new players of Fallen London, what parts of the Ambitions are currently the last ones? I mean, expressed in numerical values of the last available &quotchapters&quot?
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My Nemesis Ambition quality is currently at 37.

My Nemesis is at 31. I don’t actually know where to go from there; I’ve long since forgotten and the ‘reminisce about your adventures’ thing has never actually worked. It just sits there not loading. So I’ve forgotten where I ended and don’t know where to go next! (I thought it was at the barrier, actually, but if someone else has 37, there must be a little bit more!)

aesc you are at the point when you need to get to the Iron Republic (I also find myself there) and you just dreamed of a certain key that can help you. I also heard 5 Portfolios of souls can help, but I don’t know anything more. Hope it helps.
P.S. you should also send a bug report about the ‘reminisce about your adventures’ button not working.

Cheers, thank you! I do remember that now, and I’m so far away from getting to the Iron Republic that it had totally slipped my mind. (I’m not even sure I want to go there! It sounds terrifying! But my character, an otherwise mental but rather nice lady, is determined to avenge her murdered husband.)

Will do on the bug report–I usually just assume my computer is the culprit, when these things happen. ;)

Heart’s Desire isn’t quite so simply expressed, as it’s divided into various groups with their own numerical values. Since as far as I’m aware I’m at the content wall, my base Heart’s Desire is at 18, I have Heart’s Desire - The Bishop of St Fiacre’s 4, and Heart’s Desire - The Topsy King 25. [li]

Nemesis is slightly similar, but it only has two tiny alternate chunks–the Forgotten Quarter and the Shuttered Palace.

Light Fingers caps at 55 or 56, I think. Mine is currently at 53. The final few storylets have very expensive requirements, I’ve been told, so I’m in no hurry to reach the content wall.

Just so you know, the content isn’t finished yet. The caps given are just CURRENT caps.

Yeah, you can play the bits in the Forgotten Quarter and the Shuttered Palace all you want, but repeating them won’t get you anywhere afaik.

55, which is where I am right now. Yeah, the last jump is expensive; 5 whirring contraptions, at a cost of about 34 actions each, 20 aeolian screams, 20 correspondence plaques, 24 Amanita sherry, 2 puzzle-damask, and a warm amber. A total of about E93.50 in resale value, more in utility.[li]

And yeah, Zeek’s right. These aren’t the end of the story, they’re just the most recent chapter.

Oh, it has been so long since I was promised the location of the…um…what was it again? No matter, my Bag a Legend is 50. (My goodness, such a large number, but higher ones are to come, I am told.)[li]

Many thanks, all of you. Let’s put all this in one place:

  • Nemesis: 37 (with a slight chunk of sub-stories)
  • Heart’s Desire: 18 (but with a large chunk of sub-stories)
  • Light Fingers: 55
  • Bag a Legend: 50
    My Ambition is Heart’s Desire, but I wasn’t aware that so many chapters were devoted to substories. I passed the Bishop of St Fiacre’s content, but haven’t arrived to the Topsy King yet.

Light Fingers’ cap is especially annoying because of the repeat sea voyages, at least if you’re not reading ahead, so to speak.

i’m capped at Bag a Legend! 50. the last part was expensive and gave a rather disappointing block of text. almost literally a cliff-hanger.

… anyhoo i wonder if vake-meat is edible??

Highly doubt it, at least not without consequence.
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As if “not without consequence” was a deterrent to a Neather. scoffs

I believe there’s a club in Fallen London that would like to find out.

Most of the consequence probably wouldn’t even be from the actual consumption. What it’d actually do for you would be pretty interesting, however, assuming the game will actually let you do it. I suppose we could always speculate.
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Well, sorry for the thread necromancy, but I have a question and this seemed the best place to put it.

Why do the levels of Ambition: Nemesis increase by more than one each stage? Sure, its starts off in increments of one, but near the end I was jumping around ten levels per action. Normally this sort of thing is for variable outcomes, but I don’t remember making any decisions. Am I missing something? Is it a code?

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