The Correspondence: Poetry as Speculation

Some time ago, Chris Gardiner wrote that each Correspondence sigil &quothas to be sound like it can refer to two different specific things, which I won’t elaborate on because spoilers.&quot

The idea lodged at the back of my beak, and I am finally spitting it out. We could analyze and discuss candidates for these mysterious &quotthings&quot, or we could write poems. After all, if the sigils cannot fit in a poem, they must not refer to that poem’s topic.

Here is a poem, then, built from Correspondence around two themes. Each bolded phrase or word is a sigil found in Failbetter work.

Escape from Love and Gravity

hurtling forever toward the earth
around a slowly tilting planet
for a day that lasts ten thousand years

The mounting excitement when one’s beloved reaches the closest point of his orbit
and quickly swings past,
both of us bound to the earth,
Forever circling,
never drawing closer,
never drawing apart

from its own ancient love,
once bright creator,
now decomposing deity
swollen, red and belching

The Knotted Serpent,
snaring constellation,
slave master to comets
spun disintegrating at our god
The prize sought: the absorption of a Royal house,
Hydra’s teeth on Libra’s scales

fellow moon, beloved
rushes over the horizon
the wrong way, caught in the invisible drag
his new straight line an unmappable direction
curlicued from the passage of behemoths
one last hour with a friend

And the serpent pursues closer
and our cunning god
traps it.

[b]Revenge — a cataclysmic collision

unconstrained velocity

the absence of breath

an airless flight

tracks in the illimitable void
[b]a span time of more than four million years

lost in a night which never sees starlight

almost never remembered[/b]

Posit your own alternative theories with new poems in this thread. (I know, I stole the easy ideas). Here is a list of all Correspondence Sigils meanings I am aware of. (Most of them are copied from someone else’s document — which I can’t find again, or I would give credit — so I cannot vouch for them firsthand.)
edited by TheThirdPolice on 5/18/2017

Attraction and attraction.
Different and same, celestial mechanics.
The gravity of love, and love of gravity.