The Correspondence and an Ipod Touch

I recently was wondering; what do you think would happen if, using some kind of special writing or drawing app; you attempted to write Correspondence symbols using an Ipod touch? Would your Ipod burst into flame or something, or would the effects be lessened?

Maybe it’d cause a corruption in the software, or cause the hardware to melt. More likely the latter, but the former could be interesting.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 4/3/2013

what if you emailed someone a picture of a correspondence

Well, if your computer took it well enough to send out an email then perhaps it’d be okay for the other computer.

I imagine it would operate somewhat like a computer virus…

There should be no real trouble with just one symbol. After all, you can write some six or so symbols on paper before it bursts into flames.

Depends on the symbol, the writer and the reader. Sometimes one is enough to set somebody in the audience on fire. But I would imagine the Masters can write it freely without destroying the medium. Otherwise it would be a very poor form of communication.
Also I think digital media would be even more susceptible to this stuff, than paper. Hard drives break all the time without any mystic influence. And computers are full of explosives, as we all know.

It would be like Y2K cubed.

… Or maybe computer viruses /are/ correspondence symbols.

Shhhh let me pretend.
edited by Curses on 4/4/2013