The Connected Pets

I admit it, I will spend an untoward amount of time trying to sort out the most trivial mechanics sometimes.

So, I’ve been looking at the connected pets. Is there one for every &quotconnected&quot or just nearly?

Put them in groups and you’ve got +1 in secondary stats.
Put them in groups and you’ve got easy challenges on the main stats. Awards 1 of an item.
There’s challenges for most of them in the secondary stat they give, and it’s bloody hard. Tends to award 3 of it’s item.
Some of them can be traded back at connected 10, did I get it right, always the same group that awarded it to you? Mostly for a useful item.

This feels like something that would make a good chart. More of a chart then the list

Does it feel strange to anybody else that there’s 11 of them, not 12? As if it’s missing another bizarre +1 entry for some unmentioned connection?

Eitherway, if I tinker up some lists in useful form, is there somebody who would take credit and make a good chart, and somebody else to edit the page to include it?

take this and calm down. if you disregard single persons (dutchess and widow) as well as late game connections you have all bases covered. plus, its bizarre. it just doesnt work like the other ‘pets’ option-wise
edited by sathanas on 9/28/2014

It’s every faction you can be Closest To and which gets a faction card, of which there’s only 11.

Oh, very good spotting, very good indeed there.

I’ll just merge the two posts here, and propose that when closest to: rubbery men becomes possible content, it might get a card and a pet.

Feel free to suggest any changes you want on the table. (preferably on the talk page to make it easier to see for wiki editors, but we might read this forum too)

It’s probably worth putting the rewards, since the bizarre/dreaded/respectable check is really the most valuable thing about them in the late game, plus the Grubby Kitten’s pays more.

Noted =)