The Cheesemonger's Folly - What happened?

Hello guys, I am posting to ask if anyone kept a saved echo of their work with the Cheesemongers, specificaly the &quotClean up the rest of the spies&quot plot point. I did it, but it was so long ago I barely remember what Alice said after it all. I have never done that act on any of my alts - it fit well my my more violent main character but never anybody else. If someone could send me a transcript or even a general gist I would be most grateful.

She said nothing… because she was DEAD!

That only reveals 25 words of it, not what I was looking for…

If you press the edit button, the source contains the whole text

Bloody work
It is done. You are out of poison, and covered in the blood of your former colleagues. You dealt with perhaps half of those on the list. The rest have fled to the surface or are in hiding.
You scrub off their remains and return to Alice. When you get to her house the door is open. Alice is dead. She looks, if anything, peaceful. Catherine is nowhere to be found. You leave before the Constables turn up.
A few days later, a parcel arrives at your lodgings. It contains a number of incendiary papers, incriminating journals, encrypted messages and a wheel of expensive cheese. The date on the postmark is the day you had tea with Alice. In the following weeks, the Great Game is subdued. Alice’s revenge was a small mark in the Game. A pause, nothing more: but a pause.


Thank you.

And thank you Waffle - I had no idea… what a treat :)
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