The Cheesemonger's Fate : Help

So I finally finished the Cheesemonger’s storylet and had read that whatever ending you picked, you will receive 2 Fates. Some have mentioned that it isn’t in the description but still appears later (meaning they now have 2 Fates). The thing is, is the 2 Fates still given? Or has it already been revoked? Am I missing something? Thank you.

Based off the FL wikia and what I can recall, yes, you still receive 2 fate, no matter the choice.

I recently finished the storylet myself and can confirm that it does give 2 Fate, although I don’t think there was any indication in text or anything. It just appeared in my Fate bar.

Yes, some have commented on the wiki that there was no message regarding receiving Fate, yet they did get it.

Unfortunately, I did not receive any fate. My end choice was shipping Alice to the Tomb Colonies, and while Wikia states that there will be 2 Fate, I got nothing.

I’ve never had fate for anything, ever. I thought the small fate “presents” were in abeyance at the moment?

Most of them are, but occasionally you find one they missed. (Though it looks like they got them now)
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I also made that choice and I got the two fate. Maybe it’s just late in being disbursed?

I also made that choice and I got the two fate. Maybe it’s just late in being disbursed?[/quote]

Nope. Still no 2 Fate. I wonder if I should send a report? But how am I to prove myself?

I don’t see any harm in sending a report to with your account name included; FBG keeps a good database that will tell them everything they need to know regarding your account’s activities. :)