The Cave of the Nadir

I have been spending a lot of time seeking curios in the Forgotten Quarter and I am now a seasoned archaeologist (which is funny 'cause it’s my job in real life) BUT I haven’t encountered a single eyeless skull so far.

I had a look online and it seems that there is a possibility for another player to get rid of one of his/her eyeless skulls by sending it my way (apparently the awful thing can trigger very inconvenient and non-discardable opportunities). Is that true?

If yes, would anyone here be willing to send me one of those strange cranial horror?

I warmly thank you in advance,


There’s actually a topic in the ‘Enlist other Players: the Singing Mandrake’ section of the forums for this exact purpose. Generally this is where you’ll ask other players for their assistance in-game. Here’s a link to the thread where people trade off their skulls.

Many thanks for the tip !