The Case of the Honey Dream Phantom

(OOC: Back in town, ready to restart this.)

Dirae Erinyes takes a small scope of honey - probably more then is really needed. They down it like a shot of whiskey before laying down.
“I’m going to be in a field of heather, in front of a crumbling mansion. Look for me there. . .” Their body goes lax, unfeeling the padded satin.

(OOC: Had trouble posting and then spent the last couple days with a cold, making serious thinking difficult. Dirae Erinyes honey dream from is pulled from the Greek legend of Galatea and the Erinyes).

There is field of heather, turning from bright purple to a sullen blue as the sun dances from behind the clouds. A mansion looms over the field, rusted and torn from the elements. Dirae Erinyes feels their face, adjusting to this honey dream. Feeling not flesh, they walk to the mansion, hoping to catch a glimpse in the dirty windows.

They are no longer a hooded figure. Instead a loose dress falls down to their feet, its perfect folds never rippling as they walk. Her skin is perfect ivory, along with her tight curls that refuse to give. No color blemishes their smooth face. Worried that they have slide back to far into memories, Dirae Erinyes finds some relief in the ivory bat wings folded against their back and the brass scourge tucked into their belt. They have not retreated entirely into the past. Enough of their present identity is still there to keep their wits for this mission.

They look out across the field, and look for others to join them.

The Deranged Solicitor is one of the first to arrive. If their normal wear was equally bizarre (Both a top hat and a dress! How is such a felony tolerated?) and gaudy, their Parabola-wear is oh so much more so!
Their gloves leak fresh embers upon the flowerbed, and the top of their hat seems to be dabbling somewhere in the clouds, a gilded stairway projected upon the humongous piece of headgear. Their dress has become completely transparent… in a way. Grey moonlit streets and roads can be witnessed in their gown. They step towards the the Honey-Dream’s leader, releasing quiet hisses with each step. What a bewildering spectacle.
“Well then, may we proceed with the usual celebrations?” They chuckle at their absurd suggestion. “Of course not. You’ll tell us of memories, will you not? Tell us to focus, and move into the mansion. Astounding design, I should mention. Gothic, yes? It seems the kind. Certainly. They’re the ones with the stubby pillars and the general down-to-earth attitude, yes?”

“Depends, should we strike forward and look for the phantom or retreat and wait for him to come for us? I’m in favor of the former, but given the previous lethal encounters I understand if others would prefer the latter.”

OOC: Clarifying for any who have interest in a dead topic. The mansion section would mostly involve Dirae Erinyes memories before being ambushed by the phantom. Going forward would be trippy dreamscapes and then running into the phantom. That’s the choice there.