The Candles and the Name

I am seeking, ah, friends, to aid me - reciprocate even - in a Certain candle involving a Certain name.

Please contact me only if you are interested. Please contact me only if you understand with some Certainty the matter to which I refer. Reciprocity guaranteed. With some, ah, Certainty.
edited by AznEclipse on 11/20/2012

I have a feeling that I am drawing a card away from understanding with certainty and will want to be in this arrangement. At least…I think. Information seems to have a way of being…disposed of.

What little I can offer, I do.

Does this mean that one may have more than one, ah, friend, in this matter? If so, I delight in the news, as for complex reasons I believed I may have wasted my opportunity at . . . friendship.

To answer my own question: if an invitation is, at least, canceled, the chance to extend another will arise in the fullness of time.
edited by an_ocelot on 11/21/2012

I too, am looking for some gullib- er, interested person. I get the feeling that the folks offering can only help one person with this… so, if you volunteer please say who you’re volunteering for. This opportunity is a rather rare one.

I’ll volunteer for ocelet then. Is already being a seeker a problem?

From some trials and errors, it does seem that being one of the seekers precludes you from taking part on the, ah, receiving end of the transaction. What we need is fresh meat. Interested persons. What have you.

Also, there are others elsewhere speaking of this very matter, and I implore you all to retire thence. It would be more appropriate.