The Broad Unterzee

When I first crossed The Broad Unterzee I enjoyed the thrill of the danger and the reward of exploration. The 20th plus time, not so much… I know spending Fate makes the journey quicker if you have, but without it often costs 20 plus actions depending on luck.

Perhaps the distance covered per action can be more strongly to your Sailor level? Sure an experienced sailor like myself should cross more quickly and easily than some jelly legged land lubber?

Also what is with the odds of a successful outcome at the moment? I reckon I am failing low-risk opportunities 80% of the time!

Well, there are opportunity cards which trigger the more trips you make, letting you quickly sail. Well, okay–there’s one. But it unlocks better and better options as you get more experience.

There is an opportunity for experienced sailor, but the biggest difference is really the experience you make yourself - which cards to play and which not to play. Having a fast ship and being a scholar are also advantages, but it’s not without reason people prefer the islands to the Zee.
edited by Aximillio on 4/17/2013