The Brass Embassy in repair

I’ve just drawn the Hell faction card (Burning Shadows: The Devils of London), and noticed for the first time that the option which increases Connected: Hell (Attend a lecture at the Brass Embassy) has an unlock requirement:
&quotYou unlocked this by not having any The Embassy in Repair&quot.

Was this always there? (It’s not recorded in the wiki.) Does anyone know what this quality is about?

Im guessing that it’s going to be there for some fate locked story(probably an expectional story) like the last time with the intoxicated and enthralling qualities.

Quite possibly.

My initial guess was that this is in preparation for Hell being the next faction to go through the Favours/Renown change. But that’s now confirmed to be the Urchins.

Given that ES is a major part of new content we have nowadays, sounds like we have a chance to blow up the Embassy thanks to an ES.

It might be another use of All Shall Be Well…, possibly.

Maybe something to do with our favourite wrestling bishop and his plans?
edited by John Moose on 5/6/2016