The Author's Club

So, there are some of us who are Authors in this city. I wanted to make a thread for us to discuss all about it.

So, why did you decide to become a Author? What is the greatest work you have ever written? Have you made the 6 different works in the Shuttered Palace and what is the tale in it? Do you wish there was more options to write? What is your best short story? What was it about? Do you plan on one day becoming a Correspondent, or do you wish there was a more creative option of writing? And way?

I myself admit to dabbling in the Short Story Storylet more then I should. i have recently written A Masterful Short Story that is a allegory subtly mocking The Masters.
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I am an Author for love of words. My greatest work, a Gothic Romance entitled &quotThe Phantom of Sin,&quot features an orphaned heroine, a large inheritance, a scheming uncle, a brave and pretty friend, a haunted(?) mansion, secret passages, and a great many flimsy nightgowns. And I am actively pursuing Correspondence studies to become a … um … well, to become a Correspondent.

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I actually chose Author for Neath-me because surface-me never quite mastered the art. ^_^
As for greatest work, I’m not sure which was the greatest - but when it came to repairing a Zubmarine, finding that I’d already solved a problem in a Tale Of The Future that I’d written… well, it made my day! (Not to mention, I had to physically step away from my computer for a moment to revel in the unexpected happy coincidence. I never expected the books I’d written to be useful - I had been selling them for Echoes for so long!)

I’ve put my pen down for a while to follow other stories, and have recently seen the option to become a Correspondent. I fully expect I’ll take that path, but I fully intend to get back to writing and create a few more novels before changing profession.

(Lady Sapho Byron, check your link there - the URL has “<li>” on the end of it, which results in a 404.)

I have been an Author for a few months now and will become a Correspondent as soon as I start to understand the Correspondence better. I have written a few competent stories mostly because I needed to feed myself in the early days, but went on o create a exceptional story and soon after a epic poetic cycle and a tale of the future.

Fixed! Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

I am currently an author. My RL SO and I are both authors and it’s been really handy for Notability purposes, but I’ll admit I initially became an author just because I started out Closest to the Bohemians. I’d like to become a Correspondent for flavor reasons, though I’ve read that some people recommend against it as the Author reward is more useful.