The app and social activities

I’ve recently returned to Fallen London after I found out that the android version of the game is out. I’d been playing it on Chrome mobile and it gets quite irritating constantly zooming in and out. I loved the app even though it’s quite slow on responses.

However, I have recently found an annoying issue regarding on social activities. What would happen is that the consequences of social activities won’t be applied (or synced) to my actual status. So the benefit from social activities goes in vain as the app loads the previous state. I inquired about the issue to Failbetter guys but the answer I got was that I should play on web browser for now and they are planning for updates for social activites.

Has anyone else have similar problems? Do you guys have any news on updating social activities or fixing the issue on mobile version?

Yes, that’s a known and widespread problem AFAIK (not using the app myself). It’s also the reason why some social actions have been completely deactivated (e.g. marriage/divorce, Notability-gifting…)

Huh, I didn’t know that some activities are deactivated. Interesting. I really hope this gets resolved soon.