The Answers to the Mysteries

When the answers to the mysteries were first revealed, I rejoiced over the small sum of fate that I had won, ah’d at the correct answers to the ones that I had gotten incorrect, favorited the web page of the specific blog post, and then moved on.

However, recently, I had thought to consider the answers to the mysteries once again, but I discovered that the link to said blog post appears to be dead.

So I must ask, has anyone here saved the contents of the blog post, or at least, the full contents of the correct answers, and could share either with me?

My thanks, in advance.

Edit to add I also get an error when I try to link to the answers

So to get to the blog - I clicked the help button in Fallen London and there is a link to the blog there -

If you use that link you have to scroll down to get to the blog post you want

If there is a quicker/easier way to get there I don’t know about it:)
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[quote=HinterDemGlas]Oh, let me try!


Alas, that’s the post after the blog post with the answers. That link works fine, the answers one doesn’t. The appearance of the link is different too - with a number rather than reflecting the title.