The Actions are Endless...the FUN is not!

More actions… oh dear. These are quite thrilling but I find myself losing sight on the essay I am to write for class! Must resist!

[color=00ffff]The Bazaar is indeed extremely busy. We have bold code-heroes working on it even now.[/color]

[color=00ffff]All is well, and all manner of thing shall be well.[/color]
[color=00ffff](I’ve always wanted to say that.)[/color]

Very good news!

One more day of endless actions? Excellent! I think I shall go down to Veilgarden and get myself thoroughly sozzled on cheap wine!

The server must be pretty busy: it’s actually taking me more than 7 minutes to do an action, so I’m playing continuously. Which is good for my progress, but terribly detrimental to my sleep.

“Terribly detrimental to my sleep.” Pretty much sums up the whole festival for me…

It seems to be over, alas, as all good things eventually end.

It seems to have ended already, even though it is not yet midnight.

For the last several hours I could barely get the site to load at all :(

He meant midnight London time. It actually ended late.
edited by Patrick Reding on 2/4/2012

Yeah, we played the crap out of the game during the festival, it was fun as hell, and the site worked decently, all things considered.