The Actions are Endless...the FUN is not!

Can anyone tell me when the Festival of actions will begin? If they can, would they?
Midnight GMT?

Seconding that question!

A Lady looking

[color=00ffff]The Festival will indeed begin at Midnight GMT tonight![/color]
[color=00ffff]How does everyone plan on spending all those lovely, lovely actions?[/color]

Can you reveal if there will be any accompanying new content? Because, naturally, that must take precedence… otherwise, well, it’s a fine opportunity to experiment with item conversions, to run all those little errands like topping up Connected that one never gets around to… and, perhaps, to put to Zee!

A gentleman never asks and a lady never tells…

I can’t say what I’ll be doing with my actions, but I will be telling all my friends that now is the time to come back and see all the cool stuff Echo Bazaar had to offer.

In case you were wondering an Echo Bazaar player may double(if Extraordinary) or even QUADRUPLE his/her actions in a day with the Feast, so make wise use of it!
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I shall be pursuing additional black ribbons and delicious dark dreams! Hmm, also parcels, paintings, and wine… perhaps gems and jewels. No wait, secrets…

A Lady with choices!

I’ll be collecting the final few thousands secrets I need to purchase premises at the Bazaar, and (at long last) meeting my neighbors.

A delicious opportunity to pursue becoming a person of some importance. Huzzah!

I think I’ll grab the occasion to grind all the small things I left behind. Glim for the Keen-Eyed Lapidary and to open the Docks… Rebuilding up my Connected: The Game to 20, after I had depleted it for boosts in Watchful… Killing rats in my Lodgings… And now that KaterinaNavane mentioned the change in price for the mysterious box at Mr Wines sale, I think I’ll try to get some Love Stories too _

I…don’t actually have much to do right now, to be honest. XD I’m waiting on a few specific Opportunity cards so I can make some use out of my Hound of Heaven, but other than that, I’ll probably be spending my time converting my collection of Secrets into other useful things. Perhaps I’ll take another Zee voyage, or take on that promising young Rubbery pupil again.

I don’t really know what I’ll do with my actions. I’ve done almost everything, honestly… The only content I really have left is getting a reservation to the Royal Beth, so I guess I’ll be grinding for Third City Relics and converting them?

I suppose now would also be a good time to experiment with item crafting in general, actually…

I’m also hoping for some new content to explore, or else the endless actions will just be used item grinding. Fingers crossed for Polythreme!

Also, is GMT five or six hours ahead of EST? I always forget.

[quote=KatarinaNavane]I’m also hoping for some new content to explore, or else the endless actions will just be used item grinding. Fingers crossed for Polythreme!

Also, is GMT five or six hours ahead of EST? I always forget.[/quote]

It should be five hours.

Im planning on beefing up my Dangerous quality in order to further my ambition. Last time I tried it I racked up so much wounds that I was litterary stuck on the boat for days trying to grind it down, not fun. I am also having a lot of fun exploring the new economic system and might end up exhanging items left and right. Then maybe I should continue my studies regarding the Correspondence, I think I am close to a breaktrough… welll, at least I’ve found a really effective way to extinguish my students, which is a step in the right direction…

I plan to sell a continent’s worth of souls. >=)

And the Festival has begun! In my timezone, at least. At last, the Royal Beth will be mine…

Everything’s fine in southern Europe too. Here we GOOOOO!

Unless there is new things for me to explore i will be hoarding souls during this festival(the unfinished business in spite would be the best source for souls yes?). I look forward to seeing how many i have at the end of this party

By the way, what about the “new early game intrigues” mentioned in the teaser? Will there be new content for us to investigate during the Festival? Or is it referring to something already released?

Pretty sure there referring to the previously released low level content. I.E. The clayman, pastor, orphan and socialite options they added recently.