The 5th Tournament of the SRS has concluded

The Fifth Tournament of the Sanguine Ribbon Society is now finished! The 28 participants fought a combined 150 lethal sparring bouts, meaning that 150 Sanguine Ribbons were awarded to the lucky victors.

All hail the new champion, TheRaggedMan, who scored an incredible 22 points in the tournament! Even more impressively, he only lost two sparring bouts. He aggressively challenged other participants rather than playing defensively, and his strategy certainly paid off. Aside from the title of Champion and a spot in the Sanguine Hall of Fame, TheRaggedMan earns the prize purse of 720 First City Coins and 8 Surprise Packages. He also earns the honor of an exhibition match with the legendary Archbishop Nero Keller, champion of the Fourth Tournament. We wish TheRaggedMan luck in overcoming this most Dangerous of Fallen Londoners.

Please also extend your congratulations to runner-up Padraig Cooper, who scored an impressive 18 points. An extremely active duelist, Padraig was also the runner-up in the Fourth Tournament, and his performance in this event did not disappoint. His name, too, will be placed in the Sanguine Hall of Fame, and he’s earned a prize of 360 First City Coins and 4 Surprise Packages.

Including the Champion and Runner-Up, there were 15 participants – more than half of the roster! – who completed the maximum number of possible lethal sparring bouts (14). All those who did so earn the exclusive 5th Tournament badge icon (see below), which will be placed on their Leaderboard entries. Those who earned the badge are also welcome to use it in their forum signatures or flair on the Fallen London subreddit, if they desire. Aside from the Champion and Runner-Up, they also each earn 120 First City Coins and a Surprise Package. I should have all the Coins distributed in the next few days, and will dole out the Surprise Packages whenever the Opportunity Card arises.

…and let’s not forget this event’s first new award category winner: Arwen McDuling, who, with a score of 3, has earned the title of Wooden Spoon! Arwen earns 1000 rats, a spot in the Sanguine Hall of Fame, and of course the badge. I encourage all participants to send Arwen a bag of rats. Happy early Ratmas, Arwen.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and I hope you all enjoyed the event. Your feedback and suggestions are, as always, welcome. If you have not already done so, please remember to update your Leaderboard entry with your wins and losses from the tournament. If you are interested in the next event, feel free to write ‘Yes’ in the Applying For column of your Leaderboard entry, and I’ll make sure to contact you when the next one rolls around. Until then, happy dueling. :dagger:

5th Tournament badge (link):

5th Tournament badge, small (link):
edited by James Sinclair on 8/17/2019
edited by James Sinclair on 8/17/2019

Second place for the second time! If only it was seventh place for the seventh time…

A big congratulations to TheRaggedMan, and best of luck on his exhibition bout.

In the hope of doing better in the next tournament, I, erm, need to get married. Any takers? I’m second best, but I assure you, I try harder…

[quote=Cooper]In the hope of doing better in the next tournament, I, erm, need to get married. Any takers? I’m second best, but I assure you, I try harder…[/quote]Interesting strategy. Note that any of the Intriguer spouses (from the Foreign Office) will give +1 to both Shadowy and Dangerous. They’ll cost Fate, though.

Sadly my condition on the Surface forgoes any Fate purchases for quite some time.

Besides, it’s not like I’m THAT hopeless at killing.