The 4th SRS Tournament has begun!

The Fourth Tournament of the Sanguine Ribbon Society has now officially started. With 29 participants signed up, there is a plentiful selection of targets to challenge and be challenged by. If you are in the tournament, please carefully review the Rules page of the SRS document before beginning. Please be aware of the following updates:

  • Because there are 29 participants, each participant will need to complete 15 Lethal Sparring Bouts.[/li][/ul][ul][li]The tournament will end when either a) everyone has completed their 15 bouts, or b) at 5:00 pm EST on Saturday, December 15.[/li][/ul][ul][li]Thanks to generous donations to the Society, the prize for first place has been increased to 540 First City Coins (worth 135 Echoes!). The runner-up prize has also been raised to 270 First City Coins.

I’ve set up a combat log sheet as well, where participants will record the outcomes of every lethal sparring bout that they engage in for the tournament. Remember: even if you lose a bout and are awarded 0 points, it still counts toward your 15 bouts maximum and should be recorded on the log page. There’s also a handy list of participants with links to all of their Fallen London profiles.

Good sportsmanship is paramount for Society members (which includes all tournament participants), so please exercise courtesy and timeliness in your interactions with fellow contestants. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, you can contact me either in-game, by posting here, or via PM. Good luck everyone, and happy hunting. [color=rgb(84, 84, 84)]:dagger:[/color]