That Wiki lied to me?! (or I misinterpreted it?)

Ambition spoilers

“Ambition continues in A State of Some Confusion (remember to bring a dose of vigor tincture, then requires spending 500 Glim in the Wolfstack docks:
Rewards spoiler
So, here I am with some Honeyed Laudanum (I hope it just automatically works because I never found a way to actually drink it) in a state of some confusion, and… I see no way to move forward in this quest.
I then went to another wiki and saw no mention of a “state of some confusion” coming into play at the point that I am at (although storylets 14 & 15 seem to be missing)… what the devil is going on here?

I figured it was like the other storylines where you have to go to jail or whatever…

Did you take some F.F. Gebrandt’s Tincture of Vigour with you? That should unlock the option to administer it to a character in an interesting situation, if I remember correctly.

I exited the nightmare state and bought some, and now I’m back … presumably I should wait for a gold bordered card to show up? And is there only going to be one card before I can safely exit and continue the storyline as normal?
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My boyfriend had the same problem recently. Somewhere here on the forums there is already answer for it. You cannot have any Memories of Light with you when you enter &quotcrazyland&quot. My boyfriend was really confused because there was no indication or clue how to know. And he does not go to wiki or anything containing spoilers purposedly - he loves to roleplay and surprise. He also said it was not the first time he got stuck like this.

It might be that he just overlooked it because english is not our native language but I play Hearts Desire and didnt have any problems like this at all yet.

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relevant to Rebarbora, rather than whole thread: from memory, there’s a deck card that means you can go from Mirror Marches to the Royal Beth.
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It isn’t so much a deck card, but a always available option while in the mirror marches. One of the options lets you choose to go to the royal bethlehem and a state of confusion, which is the other Nightmare state.