Thanks for the Sky-Story, Failbetter!

I think in a strange sort of way it’s what I’ve always longed for…

[color=#0066ff]I hope you’ll join us when we go beyond the Avid Horizon, next year. :)[/color]

Is that admission that the seekers actually LIVED?
Will they get a special bonus in sunless sky for the sacrifices?

A special bonus? Has Seeking ever had a positive end for the Seeker? Frankly, we should all count ourselves lucky if Failbetter doesn’t give us -7 to each stat per Saint’s Candle owned.

There’s a difference in going NORTH to reach the High Wilderness, and going NORTH for seeking. The Merchant Venturer did the first and presumably reached the realm of stars, a foolish player will do the latter, and ends up trapped somewhere unpleasant.

I suspect that said “somewhere unpleasant” is exactly the same place, but much worse when you’ve repeatedly died and participated in Illegal rituals.

The rituals that precede preparing to go either NORTH or NORTH are fairly different from one another, though. Perhaps seeking just locks you into a very particular part of the High Wilderness.
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Seek, and you’ll know. :)