Thank you for accepting my Invitations

As a new Player myself barely 5 days ago, I had a couple people sent me invitations to dinner. I did not realize then there were benefits to accepting. I accepted more out of a desire to explore my options. As the game went on, my character got wounded, presently plagued by nightmares, and had a brush with scandal.

And really I owe to some people here who nicely accepted my invitations to help me out, to hear my nightmares, let me win a game of chess (yes I won exactly once so far), etc. So I wanted to thank the people who have responded to my calls for assistance.

A Game of Chess:
Lady Eris

Private Suppers:

Sharing Nightmares:

Innocent Loitering:

Thank you!

Pleased to hear that you are enjoying the social actions.

But no sparring bouts yet? Oh well invitation sent.

@Lady Ciel I have not noticed I can customize the invitation message. Hmm, how do I do that? And yes I am brave. Maybe more foolish, but certainly brave. Charge!! :)

When you choose any “invite a friend” option there is a grey box just below the names which says “send a message with the invitation”. Just write whatever you want to say there and it will be sent with your invitation.

You’re very welcome! I’m happy to exchange more invites - I do seem to have a problem with nightmares, though, so may not always be able to help with those…

I’ve reached a level where menaces are pretty easy to control, so I’ll accept anything. :-) Moomin

Thank you Lady Eris :) Perhaps I can share your fears sometime, at least return a favor or two.

Hello Babelfish. So your FL name is Moomin is it? I will add him, thank you. My 1st character is now doing alright. After having overcome my initial worry for nightmares, I am now playing more prudently, more cautiously. By now though my character has leveled up enough that failure in challenges can result in increase in menaces. Not cool, but so far I have managed to keep them in check, opportunity cards have been fairly cooperative.

I’m happy to accept any invitations, and high-level enough to mostly not have to worry about Menaces (tempting Fate with a vengeance there!), so invite away.