Testing social acts

Is there a way to test social acts without registering a second account on storynexus?[li]

Yep, send it to someone else, you can usually cancel them, unless the action is giving something to someone. Then it might auto-accept.

I am thinking more about complex social interactions, not just single-action storylets. I can grab a friend and ask him to register and help me but being able to create a test account would actually help here.[li]

More questions on social acts:[li]Can I set invitee’s quality to the value of equal to inviter’s quality? (i.e. invitee’s set &quotOpponent’s weapon damage&quot to inviter’s &quotWeapon damage&quot)[/li][li]If above is possible, which happens first - branch quality change or social act? (i.e. in example above if inviter actually takes a bigger weapon, will invite &quotsee&quot inviter’s new or old weapon?)[/li][li]Is it possible to directly de-reference relationships? I.e. instead of selecting a contact from a list automatically invite a person with which you have a certain relationship (i.e. I want to send social act &quotattack him&quot only to person with which player has a relationship &quotFighting against&quot - without even showing the list of targets to choose).[/li][li]
edited by aragaer on 5/22/2013