Testers needed for latest patch

Thank you Liam! Let us know when the framerate fixes are available, I know I for one have had this issue for a while, and look forward to being able to play later into my captain’s lives without getting a headache!

I tested this a few days ago but quickly switched back because of an audio bug where whenever I buy or sell in any shop, the first few clicks sound fine (money clinking sound) but then it goes weird, playing only a tiny part of the sound. It was enough to irritate me enough to wait until the patch was released. Anyway now I’ve updated the sound problem still remains.

Does anyone else have this issue, I’d like to know before I make any official bug report.

I’m also still having the weird stuttering effect, but for me it luckily has absolutely no impact on turning speed or gameplay, just a little jitter every few seconds. No difference with the latest update.

Other than that, fantastic game, very addictive, I haven’t sunk so much time into a game in a long time so despite my first post on these forums being a small complaint, rest assured I’m a very happy customer!

[quote=Liam Welton]Hi Milw,

That certainly sounds odd. Could I possibly get you to submit a support ticket to support@failbettergames.com with details on what you were fighting, where etc. If you could attach your save file as well, that’d be great.

Be sure to mention you were on the testing branch.

Thanks for all your help everyone, it’s very much appreciated!

Sorry, I didn’t check back in here until today. I’ll keep an eye out tho and if I see it again, will report with that save file.
cheers- Scott

Hi all,

We have a new testing branch live now, please see the following post: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic19496-testers-needed-again--frameratestuttering-issue.aspx?MessageID=97773#post97773