Terror reduction at Wolfstack

I remember a tutorial message saying that terror was reduced to 50 upon docking at Wolfstack. I’m sitting in wolfstack docks right now, at 72 terror. What did I do wrong?


Also: Good lord, I hope combat becomes more interesting than watching timers run down for 30 seconds each battle.
edited by Dudleydino on 7/3/2014

There is supposed to be an event that fires when you enter Wolfstack with two branches, one for when you have less than 50 Terror and one for when you have more. This event does not fire for some reason. I saw it only once. I am in the same situation as you, sitting in Wolfstack at 73 terror.

I am thinking maybe some other event overwrites I this. I do get a proposal from a Man of Business every time I load the game in Wolfstack.

Did you run an errand for the blind brawler? My current theory is that the reward message overrides the terror reduction. Try running a trip to hunter’s keep than going back to wolfstack.

Nope, does not work. I finally stopped getting the blind brawler’s message. But the terror reduction still does not fire.

The Returning to London storylet only fires if you have Something Awaits You; check your journal to see if it’s there. If not, you need to wait around a bit longer until you get a message in the logbook like “Luminescent dolphins play in your wake” or any other things like that. If you do have SAY and it’s still not showing up then something is probably broken and you should mail sunlesssea@failbettergames.com

That doesn’t make sense though. Why should you only get the reduction if you skipped out on getting a storylet?

Something Awaits You usually has time to recharge by the time you get to London, except if you stop off at Hunter’s Keep or Mutton Island I guess. Otherwise there’d need to be an entirely separate system rigged up to handle all the things tied to Returning to London (blind bruiser visits, new recruits, Time the Healer increases, visits from the Scholar (I’ve never had one of these, though) as well as Terror reduction). I guess the easiest way to solve the lack of Terror reduction would be an option at your lodgings or in London that shunts Terror down to 50 independent of Returning to London in case you end up returning with no SAY charge.

Yeah, you gotta go away for a while and come back. Like a lot of other things, there’s a small time delay built in so you can’t just spam the port repeatedly.

There are a few places that you might travel between harbours too quickly for SAY, I tend to slow down when I am in the light between these places until I get the message.

Wolfstack Dock’s to Hunter’s Keep
Hunter’s Keep to Demeaux
Demeaux to Shepherd Isles
Shepherd’s Isles to Abbey Rock
Abbey Rock to Mutton Island
Mutton Island to Godfall
Godfall to Cumaean Canal

Well that explains it, probably. I usually visit Hunter’s Keep before Wolfstack, so that’s where I lose my Something Awaits You.