Terror Feedback

I noticed some oddities occurring with Terror in my game.

  1. When I started out, my crew would start gaining terror immediately once we left a lit area, and turning the prow light off would make the terror-indicator turn red and increment at double-speed. Even some lit areas would gain terror if I had the prow light off. Now when I play, I can turn the lights off and gain terror slowly or not at all in the process. I’ve begun switching the light off if I’m anywhere near civilization in order to save fuel. This seems to have occurred after a long 95 terror voyage with all hands surviving. (We took a pleasant holiday amidst some beautiful Northern waters.) Once I had them down to serene again, it was like I had hardened them. If this was intended functionality, it’s awesome. I just suspected it might not be.***
  2. On a related note, I had a close encounter with Mt. Nomad not too long after the above. I didn’t notice its black-on-black presence in the ocean until my spotlight ID’d it right in front of me. This triggered a desperate run-the-boilers-hot flight. This was all really cool. It struck me as bizarre, however, that my hardened crew never wavered off of 8 terror (wary) during this event. Mt. Nomad really needs a terror aura. This is doubly true while it is actively chasing a ship.
  3. I once had my entire crew abandon me one-by-one while I was doing nothing more threatening than trips to and from Venderbight. Carousing in London was way too expensive for the scant profit margins I was achieving. In fact, it remains too expensive by any profit margins I’ve found in the game. The only way I can keep Terror under control is the (usually) one echo option in Mutton Island. Once my entire crew had jumped overboard, I limped back to London to hire new ones… and lost three more members of my crew before getting out of Home Waters. At that point I declared the game irrecoverable and started again.
  4. The first time I encountered a Lorn Fluke, the flavor text implied that my crew was bravely standing against an alien power, and indeed that this was a thing they were capable of doing. The Lorn Fluke proved too fast to flee and too clear-sighted to hide from. After a long battle in which I desperately tried to run away, it got Illumination high enough to one-shot me. I have ever since avoided them with the same fervor with which I avoid Mt. Nomad. Lorn Flukes need more warning around them, not least of all being that they ought to have a terror aura about them the same way Mt. Nomad should, albeit less so.
  5. &quotBlack glass seas&quot are a common motif in Fallen London’s seafaring portions. I was terribly pleased when I discovered that not only is there a part of the map which looks like black glass, the indefatigably lethal Mt. Nomad stalks that territory as its hunting ground. I was less pleased to discover that it didn’t have any terror-inducing events from the paranoia of the crew (&quotblack glass seas&quot being one of the legendary warning signs to zailors), and also that it didn’t seem to have any other threats. I suppose it might not need any. Still, this is a missed opportunity for flavorful and dangerous events.
  6. Everything in the vicinity of Mt. Palmerston appears to be considered to be Unlit for the purposes of terror generation. Given that the music in the vicinity is terrifying and it is a volcano both active and hell-haunted, this may be functioning as intended, but I wanted to check in.
  7. The Sea of Voices made me shudder in admiration.
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    ***UPDATE: 1) looks more like a bug now. Closing and reopening the game reset normal terror behavior. I’m disappointed.
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I don’t know if this question has been asked before, but what is the best way to get rid of terror? It goes up no matter how many bats I kill and throw overboard and it does not go down no matter how long I stay in port or lit areas. The only way I have found to diminish the quality is to cough up 10 Echoes at the docks to remove just 1 point, so with my 42 terror rating I would be looking at a loss of 420. This would kinda grind my profit margins to nill. Any thoughts?

Right now that is one of the best ways to get rid of terror. It’s serving as a bit of a &quottime 'till you inevitably lose&quot counter, unless you spend the whole game very close to shore which is insanely boring and counter to the game’s exploratory nature. Hopefully more options for removing it will be added, or the mechanics will be tweaked so that staying in bright light actually reduces your terror instead of just slowing its rise.

The best ways to avoid terror are

  1. Stay close to shore and lighted areas,

  2. Have a fast engine so you spend less time outside of terror areas,

  3. raise your Hearts and have a Likely Lad/Lass in port so you get bonus terror reduction every so often.

Wait, the Hearts stat reduces terror infliction? That I didn’t know. I got most of this stuff beaten into me after a few hours in the game. What I was doing wrong in the beginning was playing Sunless Sea like it was Zelda: Wind Waker — basically a big mistake. So yah, stick to light when possible, jump from buoy to buoy, and party hard at Wolfstack for the best way to reduce terror. I just honestly wish the people who keep giving me quests would at least point me in the right direction so I don’t have to scour the whole area for a well-known island or something like that.

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I could be wrong about Hearts. I feel like raising it makes the carousing checks give better results on balance, but I could be wrong.

Ok so I just got mutinied and i lol-ed so hard. So I had 100 terror and was back London’s port I only had 2 crew. I hired 8 more crew members on and my terror stayed at 100 and they started a mutiny. I read the options to try and avert the mutiny and found the quote somewhat amusing. It said something along the lines of &quotI’m the only way to get you back home&quot or something to the equivalent and was thinking but I’m already at London’s port they are home.

But what I took away from this is I think terror should go down some degree for new crew members being hired. I mean they have no Idea what the captain is like or anything as soon as you hire them. Maybe go down by fractions. If you have 9 crew and hire a new crew member on make it go down by 10% if your ship can only hold 10 crew and so on. It just seems ludicrous to me that 2 terrified crew members could convince 8 new crew members to mutiny me as soon as I hired them and still in port.