Tears of the Bazaar - should I keep it?

Hello friends,

I went on an expedition in the Forgotten Quarter, actually managed to reach the end and then I found something… It was merely a single item and I was kind of disappointed. I thought the expedition, which cost me sooo much in supplies had ended up non-profitable…
And then I checked the price of the item I found - Tears of the Bazaar… Holy cats! That’s more money then I’ve ever had down here!

Normally I wouldn’t sell something like this - I pretty much don’t sell anything except perhaps moon-pearls, rostygold and a surplus of any other item I may have on me. I’m always afraid I may need it just in the next adventure I go on.
In this case however, I think Tears of the Bazaar is so far away from being useful to me (stats: persuasive 70, watchful 82, ~40 in others), that I can safely sell it. Not to mention, the money (that’s over 300 echoes!) would help me advance in some of my current story lines quite faster. But then again, maybe it’s something that might be a huge pain to get when I actually need it… Uuuugh…

So what would be your advice, fellow Londoners? Should I keep the treasure for my uncertain future? Or sell it?
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keeeeep itttttt.

Tears of the Bazaar are actually useful, both for late-game grinding and around Christmas. I’d strongly suggest hanging on to it, at least until Christmas, as they’re slow to farm.

Most definitely keep it. I’ve been grinding for a long while now in hopes of getting another (1) and I still have several more to go for what I want.

Tears of the Bazar bought me my entire endgame equipment! There was a time you could get about one every week in a certain cave. I would never had the patience/time/dead-inside-ness to grind for a few thousand echoes without that.

Now of course this option is no more and tears are only obtainable in painfully expensive ways. Hang on to it. Value it. Keep it. Put it onto your mantle and look at it when the evening draws longer, but don’t open the cork! Not before christmas.

In the name of all that is WHOLESOME! KEEP IT!

Or at least save it until you get five of them, then trade them in for something… more.

Wha? Tears aren’t in the expedition treasure table (http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Unpredictable_Treasures). Is this a recent development?

[quote=empirimancer]Wha? Tears aren’t in the expedition treasure table (http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Unpredictable_Treasures). Is this a recent development?[/quote]I’m pretty sure you can get them from the Fate-locked expeditions, which are repeatable and go much higher than 160.

I would definitely sell it and buy gear. Tears can be acquired from Expeditions without too much difficulty (and a little Fate). Christmas is a while off too, and even then having the Tears and using them in the way people are referring to is a risky proposition.

It’s great to be able to afford some nice gear earlier in the game that you can enjoy. Tears are not irreplaceable.

As it happens, I sold a Dreadful Surmise early in my playing days for the same amount of money, and those are a LOT rarer (not that I knew that at the time!). I finally managed to replace it at the last Feast of the Exceptional Rose.

The wiki isn’t allowed to post the Fate-locked rewards (161+ on that page are mentioned as fate-locked). I know for a fact that other items of the same value can be gained there as well =)
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Thank you for the input, friends!
So, I’m thinking I’ll prooobably keep it unless I really need the cash for some reason.
On the other hand I could sell it right now and fund my remaining expeditions…
Decisions are too hard. (I love it when games do this to me!)

All right, I’ll keep it. It’ll be my expensive trophy for the time being.