Tales of the University and Term Passing

A certain thread has piqued my interest about the intriguing Tales of the University. So far I enjoy grinding the &quotTerm Passing&quot storylets for items, connections and possibly even MW but I guess sooner or later I need to open the gold &quotA most notable academic&quot storylet.[li]

My question is, would the storylets like &quotEnjoying the pace of academic life&quot disappear once I started/finished the University storyline? The gold storylet warns me that Pyro cannot waste any more time for those fripperies once he starts establishing the Department of Correspondence.

Most of them vanish, although there’s a new lot in its place. Once you finish the whole story though, they’re all gone. The University becomes pretty empty.

Aw… that’s sad. Well, I guess I’ll just let Pyro slack off at the University’s quadrangle for a while. It’s kind of useful for getting Whispered Secrets for Expeditions.[li]
edited by Pyrodinium on 3/17/2014

If you’re looking for Expedition prep, there’s an action midway through the storyline that, at the cost of 25 Cryptic Clues, gives a Sudden Insight, ~100 Whispered Secrets, and 4 CP Investigating (which can be cashed out in the Flit for substantial amounts of Cryptic Clues). I plan to use it for Expeditioning once I have my base PoSI accoutrements squared away. ;)