Taking suspicion

Title says it all, give me your suspicion, this thread will stay here for a while and I will say when I can’t take more.


Are you actively seeking it for some purpose, or merely volunteering should others desire your aid? if the latter, I am actively trying to see how high my criminal record can go, and help would be invaluable. Suspicion is always welcome as a result.

I’m farming my daring quirk using &quotOpportunism in spite&quot and options here reduce my suspicion alot, so I offered to help people who need help with suspicion, but I don’t get your second point, you mean you need the messages to use while in prison or do you think im giving suspicion, because I think the second option would be pretty odd, I could help with that too, of course, and if you mean the first thing, I can help with that.

EDIT: after reading the post again, I see you meant the first thing, so just send me your requests.
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Grenen is doing the second option of raising her criminal reputation for fun (see her Signature - and honestly, Grene , please do correct my pronoun usage if need be. That’s a female avatar here but your character is male and I’m not sure which of you I should be addressing here).

Either one. My character has… identity issues, in the same vein as tristiam bagley, or any inhabitant of the mind of a long dead god. The body may be one thing, but the mind may be another, or both at once. Either gender works, as a result.

And yes, i realize my post was a bit unclear. Parelle is correct, i am trying to max my criminal Reputation, and see how nasty the penalties get. It’s slow going between it and my tears collection, though it could be a lot quicker if i actively sought out suspicion. Nevertheless, i want suspicion, and so sending suspicion requests to me is of mutual benefit for anyone who wants to be rid of theirs!

Bumping in case anyone else needs help with the constables.

I am also volunteering myself to help with suspicion. If anyone is being followed by those pesky constables, I am also available to help allay suspicion. My goal is to catch up with old friends on the inside, I do miss some of them dearly.

Hi! Flit is so exhausting. Going to add both Reagan and James.

Is the offer still available as I’m holding Public Lectures and the constables don’t seem to enjoy this! :D

I’m planning a few days inside, so please sent it to me!

Thanks for the fast reply, but is there a limit to the amount I may send?

I’m very low on suspicion, and only a fraction of what you send actually adds any – I hardly noticed the difference just now. So please go ahead.

I am still available but im planning a zee trip very soon so I won’t be available, I will reply when im back in London, of course.

Thumbs up and thanks!
I wonder if one can send enough requests to drop suspicion to zero. From what I saw the only restriction is when selecting this option, but none when the person accepts it. Hummm… think I will start grinding those connections to check this out.
Pop more requests when I have a high enough suspicion?
EDIT: This is to hilarious to be true! I don’t have the &quotA public lecture&quot at 100%, but RNG decided to offer me consecutive fails which had a chance of 0.0244% or, for readability, one in 4096! :D And I’m waiting for the Raven card for almost a week.
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Knock yourself out. I’ve barely got to 4 so far.

Thank you to everyone who helped me fulfil my dream of acquiring a criminal record! The deed is done, and I no longer require any more suspicion (well, no more than I cook up myself!)

Hehe, congratulations!
Btw, how fast did the Raven card popped for you? I had one a few hours after buying one, but I discarded by accident when I was on mobile. Been more than a week and haven’t seen another one yet; even though I had lower frequency card showing up more than once. :\

I’ve had three over the past couple of days and &quotlost&quot two to &quotadvice&quot before I had gathered the goods.

[quote=Meradine Heidenreich]
I’ve had three over the past couple of days and &quotlost&quot two to &quotadvice&quot before I had gathered the goods.[/quote]
Oki, so I’m just very unlucky! I was only missing the Mystery as I have the Primaeval Hint from expedition aaand I was only 3-4 CP away from getting a mystery from Flit. After loosing a Favors in the Flit card and this one I decided to very careful when discarding cards from my mobile! :D
Thanks for the information!

Apologize for sending suspicion. I forgot to check the thread first.