Surprise Package Delivery Service

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Hello fellow Londoners! Have you ever wanted an organized system for giving and receiving Surprise Packages? Ever needed a more reliable source of regaining your lost soul or finding a Starveling Cat to pet? Just bored and want to help others out or grind packages because why not? Well look no further![/color]

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]This thread is dedicated to providing players with a slightly more reliable source of Surprise Packages than in-game in the hopes of allowing them access to items prominent or exclusive to the Opening a Bundle of Oddities… quality.[/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)][font=facitweb-1, facitweb-2, ‘Lucida Sans Unicode’, ‘Lucida Grande’, sans-serif]

If you (a player) want to recieve a large amount of Surprise Packages this is what you do.[/font][/color]

[ul][li]1a. Post in this thread stating your availability to spend 10 echoes on the ‘Give a Gift!’ card to send ‘The gift of the unexpected’ (Surprise Packages) to another player OR
[/li][li]1b. Respond to an already existing unclaimed post either via this thread or via PM
[/li][li]2. If an arrangement is reached, edit your posts to state it.
[/li][li]3. Send each other Surprise Packages until the next Exceptional Story comes out, these are Universal Storylets available to everyone and as such, hard to miss[/li][li]4. If you have drawn ‘Give a Gift!’ an exceedingly small amount over the course of the month, consider yourself in debt and either wait for more occurences of the card or force draw the card by spending 1 Fate at your lodgings under ‘Write Letters’[/li][/ul][color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Some rules:[/color]

[ul][li]It’s generally nice to repay each Surprise Package with another, if the month is up and you find yourself in debt, unless your partner has said otherwise, it is alright to repay them in either boxed cats or First City Coins.[/li][li]If your trading partner has stated that they will require an even exchange of Surprise Packages, and Surprise Packages only, you will have to pay them back. And yes, alts do count.[/li][li]This is a thread solely for Surprise Package Exchanges. No jewels, no rats, and especially no live rodents.[/li][li]Be polite, follow through with your deals. If something should occur, please notify this in the thread, we don’t want there to be a black list of box scammers, but if there needs to be, there shall be.[/li][li]For this reason, if box scamming has occured, we will need screenshots, turn email notifications on if you want extra insurance.
[/li][/ul][color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]If you wish to exchange ONLY ONE Surprise Package for another, visit this thread:[/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]Some notes:[/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]The RNG is a cruel and merciless goddex, expect a difference in the number of Surprise Packages sent, if you continue to frequent this thread, that should even out.[/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]If you need or want to go out to Zee (or elsewhere) for an extended period of time, notify your partner beforehand and notify them that your deal is going on hiatus, or cancel your deal entirely. [/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]
[color=#c2c2c2]Special thanks to:[/color]
[color=#c2c2c2]Cecil ( ): For rewriting the new system and helping with the updated thread. [/color][color=#c2c2c2](You are welcome to thank them by sending the poor soul more cats for science.)[/color]
[color=#c2c2c2]Kylestien ( ): For inspiring the creation of this thread.[/color]
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edit: Sir Joseph Marlen and I have come to an agreement. I shall report at the end of terms how things went, perhaps?
Package 1: 18 Corespondance Plaques and a point to my Scholar score
Package 2: a verge rat and 3 diamonds! (this has got perhaps my favorite text thus far)
Package 3: more plaques - I’m quite delighted actually as I’m looking to raise my score
Package 4: wines
Package 5: Murscaria Brandy
package 6: London Street sign
Package 7: oooo, 8 Collated Research
Package 8: more street signs! edited by Parelle on 11/18/2015
Package 9: Brandy
Package 10: Oh look, another street sign (I get a lot of these?) [12/1 - we’re going for another round!]
Package 11: Compromising documents
Package 12: Compromising documents
Package 13-14: think it may have been shrieks
Package 15: something funereal…
Package 16: clink clink! Wines to refill my cellar
Packages 17-19: did you rob the Bazaar? 3 sets of London street signs

Package 20: More research. Hmmmm.

Packages 58 - and counting :) But no Secretary yet!
[On the flip side, I’ve only managed 38, sadly enough]
edited by Parelle on 2/28/2016

Ah, this will work much better. Thanks, Sir Joseph!

I feel as though I should post what gifts I’ve received as well.
Edit: I might miss out on one or three package openings here or there, since my memory is just dreadful. Hopefully it doesn’t happen too often.

Package 1: 18 correspondence plaques
Package 2: 3 London street signs and 1 proscribed material
Package 3: a Blemmigan Secretary!
Package 4: Muscaria Brandy
Package 5: Wax. Bags and bags of wax.
Package 6: Street signs! (Another round of packages! How exciting!)
Package 7: A collection of wines. Delicious.
Package 8: Street signs. Again. Hmm. Are you sure you aren’t just sending mine back?
Package 9: Oh goody, correspondence plaques. Great for studying secrets and starting fires.
Package 10 (I think?): Primordial shrieks. Who doesn’t love screams in a jar?
edited by Sir Joseph Marlen on 12/3/2015

the truthseeker - I’m intending to do the same for the five card lodging. Would you like to come to an agreement with me after Sackmas?


I wanted to do something like this for a long time.
edit: question: does the packages auto open when you recieve them as surprise packages. can’t you collect them and open later.
edited by suhe gul on 11/25/2015

I have no need of a soul return or a starveling cat, but I like the random packages anyway, and this thread seems like a great idea. Since the next Exceptional Story should be in just a few days, I would like an arrangement that lasts until the one after that instead (the end of December). I’d edit this with the package results, unless you don’t want to know.

suhe gul, are you interested? Or did you mean you want to do it for longer than a month? (which could work too)

Edit: I will be sending and receiving packages from suhe gul until the end-of-December Exceptional Story, as the original post recommends.

Packages received: 28


[ul][li]1: Something forbidden - 3 London Street Sign, 1 Proscribed Material[/li][li]2: Something contradictory - 2 Venge-Rat Corpse, 5 Ostentatious Diamond[/li][li]3: Something… purple? - I now have a Blemmigan Secretary![/li][li]4: Something keening - 72 Primordial Shriek[/li][li]5: Something lethal - 1 Muscaria Brandy[/li][li]6: Something perilous - 18 Correspondence Plaque, SotC increase[/li][li]7: Something to burn? - 3 Proscribed Material[/li][li]8: Something contradictory - 2 Venge-Rat Corpse, 7 Ostentatious Diamond[/li][li]9: Something lethal - 1 Muscaria Brandy[/li][li]10: Something warming - 1 Broken Giant 1844, 2 Strangling Willow Absinthe, 2 Greyfields 1879[/li][li]11: Something bloodstained - 193 Stolen Correspondence, 1 Touching Love Story[/li][li]12: Something perilous - 18 Correspondence Plaque, SotC increase[/li][li]13: Something contradictory - 4 Venge-Rat Corpse, 4 Ostentatious Diamond (Ratmas!)
[/li][li]14: Something forbidden - 5 London Street Sign, 1 Proscribed Material[/li][li]15: Something keening - 64 Primordial Shriek[/li][li]16: Something troublesome - 8 Compromising Document[/li][li]17: Something perilous - 18 Correspondence Plaque, SotC increase[/li][li]18: Something sweet - 10 Prisoner’s Honey[/li][li]19: Something forbidden - 2 London Street Sign, 1 Proscribed Material[/li][li]20: Something forbidden - 2 London Street Sign, 1 Proscribed Material (again)[/li][li]21: Something forbidden - 3 London Street Sign, 1 Proscribed Material[/li][li]22: Something troublesome - 2 Compromising Document[/li][li]23: Something forbidden - 2 London Street Sign, 1 Proscribed Material[/li][li]24: Something contradictory - 4 Venge-Rat Corpse, 10 Ostentatious Diamond[/li][li]25: Something perilous - 18 Correspondence Plaque (SoTC already >9)[/li][li]26: Something lethal - 1 Muscaria Brandy[/li][li]27: Something forbidden - 4 London Street Sign, 1 Proscribed Material[/li][li]28: Something lethal - 1 Muscaria Brandy
Packages sent: 25
These counts may be wrong; suhe gul’s are different. Regardless, this arrangement is over, now that The Art of Murder is out and we both have sent about the same and agreed to end it.
edited by Cimanyd on 1/2/2016

Cimanyd I am interested. I meant I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I have been playing the game for one and a half year and never recieved a surprise package. Longer time is also ok for me but I think the logic for one month is to widen our social circle.
So lets count these a deal. I have a surprise package sitting in my hand and I am sending it to you.
Edit: until end of december is beter.
Edit2: yes we started to exchange with cimanyd, but I will be opening my packages later and I wil post the results in this post.
Recieved packages

  • something forbiden[/li][li]something contradictory

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I would also like to send and receive packages with someone until the end of December, should anyone be up for that!

Package one: something contradictory: two venge-rat corpses and six ostentatious diamonds
Package two: one Broken Giant, two Strangling Willow Absinthe, two Greyfields 1879
Package three: five London street signs and one Proscribed Material
Package four: see package two
Package five: one muscaria brandy
Package six: 18 Correspondence Plaques!
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I am endeavouring to gain Scholar of the Correspondance 10 before Sacksmass, and have been told these are a great way to level that up, so here goes!

I am certainly up for it Libris, one package is heading your way.

Or not… Pressed ‘enter’ when I shouldn’t have. I am still up for trading packages though!

Excellent! (and yes, that is my goal also!)

suhe gul - yes you can accumulate them and open them when you like. You can also receive surprise packages if you pass the notability check on the &quotUnsigned Message&quot opportunity card. I will send you a surprise package when I next draw the card :)

[quote=suhe gul]I wanted to do something like this for a long time.
edit: question: does the packages auto open when you recieve them as surprise packages. can’t you collect them and open later.
edited by suhe gul on 11/25/2015[/quote]

I suppose it depends on how often you receive boxes, but personally I have received plenty (outside the context of this thread) and have only had them raise my SotC once. I preferred to raise it via the Forgotten Quarter until 7, then a few points from Symphonies and the rest via the University. I just find it less frustrating not to depend on the RNG.

I’m long out of the University now, so that route is closed off. Don’t forget that the Glim Sculpture’s card will grant you a point up to 7 as well.

As you can see from my packages, I’ve gotten 2 cp to my SotC score since I started exchanging this month - I still haven’t cracked 8. That’s not the highest rate of rethrn! But I don’t discourage you from enjoying an exchange - surprises are still quite a bit of fun to get :)

No need to sending me one so that I can see. I recieved one from cimanyd and I saw it works the same way as unsigned message. Yes I know the unsigned message. I gathered 20 or surprise packages before spending all my 15 notability to add to my watchfull so that I can be SotC level21. But I think RNG is punishing me because I build up my notability to 7 within one week and got only one unsigned message since than which was during hallowmass.

[quote=navchaa]suhe gul - yes you can accumulate them and open them when you like. You can also receive surprise packages if you pass the notability check on the &quotUnsigned Message&quot opportunity card. I will send you a surprise package when I next draw the card :)

[quote=suhe gul]I wanted to do something like this for a long time.
edit: question: does the packages auto open when you recieve them as surprise packages. can’t you collect them and open later.
edited by suhe gul on 11/25/2015[/quote][/quote]
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Excellent, excellent. I came to this subforum to see if this kind of thread existed and start one if not, glad that being a slacker has saved me some trouble.
I am currently soulless and looking for that, but more to the point, having obtained the Ubergoat I feel like there is little better to spend echoes on than some package exchanges, in… THE HUNT FOR THE BLEMMINGTON SECRETARY!
So I’d love to have a package pen-pal for the span between now and the late-Dec Story.

Edit: Arrangement arranged with navchaa, to possibly last until they make alternate arrangements with truthseeker post-Sackmas. :)[i]

[/i]Package 1: Something troublesome
Package 2: Something sweet
Package 3: Something forbidden
Package 4: Something forbidden
Package 5: Something sweet
Package 6: Something troublesome
Package 7: Something contradictory
Package 8: Something to burn?
Package 9: Something perilous
Package 10: Something forbidden
Package 11: Something forbidden
Package 12: Something contradictory
Package 13: Something keening
Package 14: Something forbidden
Package 15: Something uncertain
Package 16: Something perilous
Package 17: Something contradictory
Package 18: Something warming
Package 19: Something scholarly
Package 20: Something sweet
Package 21: Something forbidden
Package 22: Something forbidden
Package 23: Something contradictory
Package 24: Something scholarly
Package 25: Something keening
Package 26: Something forbidden
Package 27: Something warming
Package 28: Something keening
Package 29: Something forbidden
Package 30: Something contradictory

Packages sent: 27
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Slightly off-topic, but good news perhaps? I just received a surprise package from someone as their way of saying thanks for my menacing Hallowmas help… and it contained a Blemmigan Secretary! Jackpot for my Jack!

So yes, the regular gift boxes can give you an Oddities value of 1008.

Worth noting, it lets you decide whether you want “Something bloodstained…” or “Something… Purple?”. Obviously, take the purple!

Wow, congratulations!

Thanks! Like you, I also just got my Ubergoat too. I’m not sure what to aim for next.

And the best of luck to you and Navchaa on the gift-giving shenanigans.