Surplus Making Waves

As a new arrival in Fallen London, I am far from attaining the status of POSI (unless we take the &quotI&quot to signify &quotInsignificance&quot). But as I am also spending the odd action gadding about like a social butterfly, I find myself accumulating points in Making Waves which are, in my current estate, of no apparent value to me. Is there a mechanism by which I can pass these points on to someone who can make use of them?

– Mal

Yep. A PoSI acquaintance can use an action from his lodgings (’s_Grill) to transfer your making waves to them. You will both need a free evening, but in exchange you will get some menace reduction and a confident smile.

So check with your acquaintances :)

Ah, thank you. At present, I am so green I haven’t even accumulated Free Evenings, but I will keep that in mind.
– Mal

Time the Healer will give you five Free Evenings when it arrives once a week.

I feel that I should point out that the making waves transfer by way of the Grill is very inefficient, costing the receiver 10 echoes and giving them 1 CP of MW for each level of MW that the giver has. So if you had 55 CP of MW, which would put you at level 10, you would give the recipient 10 CPs of making waves. It’s unlikely that you’d have even that many Making Waves.

As a menace reducer it’s nice, but even there I can’t imagine that many people bother with it - there are better options.

What I’m trying to say is that if you fail to offload the MWs before Time the Healer drains them, don’t be too worried.

Ah, MW counts as a Menace, then? I had thought they might be advantageous to a POSI trying to raise his profile so the nobs would notice him.

– Mal

MW is not a menace, but it gets reduced every week. Probably to simulate how your actions of the past week have gone through the gutterpr… I mean, the respectable newspapers, and people are moving on to more recent stories.
Long story short: until you reach POSI, ignore it.

POSI players can trade in Making Waves for Notability via Slowcake’s Amanuensis, an opportunity card that appears as a POSI and can be opened from lodgings with existing Notability and enough Making Waves for the next level. Each level of Notability, which is capped at 15, costs (20 - sum of Bizarre/Dreaded/Respectable + 4 x Notability) MW and sets MW to the same as your new Notability. Since Making Waves is halved every week and Notability drops by a level if it’s lower than your MW (before the halving) it’s rather difficult to obtain or maintain high levels of it. Fortunately high Notability is only required for very endgame optimizations.
edited by Optimatum on 10/9/2015