Summoning Extra Amanuenses

It’s been part of my Hallowmas plans to use the 2-Notability boost from the spirit of the season to insist on favorable circumstances and get a promotion to Midnighter, and use the Amanuensis card I drew naturally to get myself back the first point of Notability. However, I’ve noticed today that I’ll have enough Making Waves from concealing these confessions that I can get a point by summoning him from my lodgings, the easy way.

If you have the Amanuensis card in your hand, and you summon him from your lodgings, will the card go away? I’d like to be able to spend my extra notability or use the card to more quickly regain what I have afterwards, but I’m not sure it will still be there.

It’ll definitely go away.

More accurately: It will go away if you use the either the one you have on your deck (obviously) or the one you summon (both will disappear).
Whenever you summon one and press &quotperhaps not&quot it will stay on your deck.
So you can’t upgrade your notability by a point and STILL have the card at your deck, unfortunately (if you wish to immediately thereafter buy a profession or K&C token prizes, which decreases your notability to 0, for example).
I tried…
(Fallen Londoners, always try to cheat the system).
edited by Gonen on 11/8/2015

Lame. Well, thanks for the heads-up.

I’d recommend waiting for the Unsigned Message rather than buying Favorable Circumstances. Unless you need to become a Midnighter very urgently, the card is common enough that it’s quicker to draw it than gain seven Notability.