Suggestions Requested for Shadowy Training

I’ve neglected my Shadowy training, and now that I’m going for “A Person of Importance”, I’m realizing I need to get it up a bit. Any suggestions on places to grind Shadowy when its around 67 or so. Everything I’m finding is straightforward right now, so I’m sitting in the Widow’s house and grinding Orient faction at the same time.

Sorry, just realized I posted this in the wrong forums. Can anyone move it over?

[color=00ffff]No problem![/color]

Have you unlocked the Flit yet?

The last unlock in Flit happened at Shadowy 40. Spite’s last unlock at Shadowy 54

Take another look at the Flit - I think you’ve missed something. There are definitely higher unlock storylets there.

Ah, they weren’t ordered from highest to lowest or vice versa like I was expecting. Thanks for the heads up