SUGGESTIONS: Making Waves Movement?

I was wondering if any… ah, developers? programmers? whoever programs the game, really… would be willing to place the Making Waves quality under Notability in the far left-hand sidebar (where other qualities lie, like Watchful and Menaces) that way, it’d be easier to keep track, without requiring to look up how much of it i have, ex. looking up something that NEEDS a certain MW value, the &quotMyself&quot tab…

I just think it’d be easier to have it on the sidebar, rather than have to do that much just to keep track, when I’m farming the quality to begin with.

Until the UI improvements (coming with the release of the iPhone app, I believe) you can go to your lodging, write letters, attend to matters of society and scandal, and click the “Plan” flag on “Use your influence to invite Slowcake’s Amanuensis for a visit”.
This will allow you to use the Plan page to see both your current Making Waves, and the amount of Making Waves you need to reach the next level of Notability.

Very elegant! I put it on my mantelpiece, which works better because I’m on mobile so much and that way I don’t have to hover, but if you mostly play desktop that’s a cool trick.