Suggestion Votes Needed: A Ferry to Mutton Island

As the title outlines, I have posted a new suggestions requesting that a Ferry be installed to Mutton Island. Link is below:

This would be especially useful for those players who are stalled on the Hearts Desire Ambition and need the Stone Tentacle Key.

You don’t get a Stone Tentacle Key on Mutton Island, you get it on Hunter’s Keep.

Oh… crud. These wikis are so unreliable. :/

So - who hear wants to buy a ticket to all the islands and not just Polythreme?
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Unreliable? Which wiki says it comes from Mutton Island?

Mutton Island might have a ferry, though it’s hardly a trading port of the caliber of Polythreme. Hunter’s Keep is a private residence, and very much off the beaten path - I doubt the sisters would approve a ferry-stop, even if it were economically viable.

@ Sara
Well, by difficult I meant “hard to navigate”

Seriously, it does not tell you on the Key’s page where it is found. It’s Source Page is equally strange to go through.

@ Sir Fred

Well, maybe some old fisherman with a boat might take you there in exchange for some pay and 10 actions? I don’t know, I just think restricting these islands to people with all skills over 100 is arbitrary.

Well I am at Hunter’s Keep at the moment so I just played with my equipment to see what I could find out. If your watchful is 142 (the lowest I could get) you have a low risk (82%) chance of success on one of the easiest challenges and you need 173 for a 100% success rate. I dread to think what the chances would be if you hadn’t got to POSI.[li]
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It’s not anymore arbitrary than restricting storylets in London until those skills get up there. The challenges there are suited for those levels, and getting your ship is satisfying. What would there be to explore in your new ship if you could get everywhere regardless? It would just be a luxury, a convenience, and it wouldn’t make you feel like the Neath just got a bit bigger. The prospect of getting a ship and exploring the Neath beyond London was exciting to me way back when I first saw it was an option. Seeing hints of the islands made me wonder about what they were like, and while it did take a long time for me to get there it was worth it. I get where you’re coming from, but sometimes the wait just makes it that much more exciting when it does happen. At the very least it’s a goal to work towards.

Huh. I never realized just how different it was to explore the islands without a ship…