Sucking up to the revolutionaries...

I mis-clicked once too often, and become untrustworthy while grinding the box for goat funds. Unfortunately, to work out how much more I needed, I’ve sold almost all my stuff, so while I have a revolutionary pin, I have nothing to make it usable. Where is best to go to make friends with them to restore my trustworthy nature?
*I will never have a goat. :-( *

You can always got to the carnival and visit the sideshows, one carnival ticket and 3 actions. That works up to 10. Also, if you are A Scholar of the Correspondence, A Public Lecture in the Forgotten Quarter gives connected revolutionaries, Society and Bohemian but raises suspicion.

Ah, excellent. I have up to 10, but need 15 or 20? Forgotten Quarter it is. Thank you.