Subject: Banished from the Court

[li]I was banished from the court long, long ago and now I’ve rather forgotten that storyline. Obviously I can still no longer return to the court but the &quotwaiting for your ship&quot option has been lingering at Wolfstack docks for some time.

Is the only way to progress or use the &quotBanished from the Court&quot quality currently by exploring the fate-locked content in the foreign office? I haven’t done that yet as I tend to only spoil myself with fate/nex once a month and I most recently chose to become more involved with breeding monsters in the Labyrinth of Tigers, though I will explore the foreign office this month.

I’m frankly forgetting old storylines somewhat that I went through years ago so maybe the issues with the court were resolved and I have simply forgotten them.

As it stands, our banishment from the Court and our potential colonial governorship is a teasingly unresolved plot thread - I don’t believe that even the Fate-locked Foreign Office content continues it much farther. We can but wait!

Having played through it, the foreign posting is not finished, the fate locked content does not (as of this writing) continue it, and I’d love to get back to the Court myself.

Thanks for the clarification. I was concerned there might have been a resolution that I had forgotten about! On that same note I seem to have reinstated my academic reputation but there’s been nothing further on that front either!